Commissioner Service

Every Scouting unit deserves a trained Commissioner!

Commissioner Service is a key part of the Scouting organization. The job of your volunteer unit Commissioner is to help YOUR unit succeed and grow in its mission to bring Scouting’s values to the youth in your community. Unit Commissioners usually have considerable experience in Scouting. They take special training and attend special conferences to help them prepare to help you with rechartering, communication, recruiting, and problem solving.

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Online Rechartering
Distinguished Commissioner Service Award nomination form

College of Commissioner Science

Longhorn Council’s College of Commissioner Science will be a full day of learning and fellowship with opportunities to complete the Commissioner Basic training courses or more detailed courses at the Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate level.  Click here for additional information about the College of Commissioner Science.

Doctor of Commissioner Science Longhorn Council Index of Theses. <<Click here for the PDF’s

Recharter Online

Electronic rechartering is here! Internet Rechartering is a Web-based method for units to renew their charters from any online location—at home or at the office. Units will love this new method; it’s easy, convenient, and accurate because you enter the information yourself!

Click here for the Unit Charter Renewal Service:  UCRS Information Page.

Distinguished Commissioner Service Award

The Distinguished Commissioner Service Award recognizes the outstanding and essential service to Scouting of our volunteer Commissioners.

To view the requirements click here >>Requirements for Commissioner Service Award<<

Distinguished Commissioner Service Award Recipients

Year Name District
Lance Cromwell Chisholm Trail
Cindy Thompson Tonkawa
John Hearrell Mustang
Dave Thilges Roadrunner
Tessa McKee Brazos Valley
John Cuccaro Tonkawa
James Goreham Cross Timbers
Martha (Ginger) Cornick Brazos Valley
Eleanor (Ellie) Morrison Indian Nations
William Farmer Brazos Valley
Joe Burnett Leon Valley
Paul Dreiseszun Indian Nations
Ronniel Rolander Cross Timbers
Tom Frey Trinity Trails
Timothy M. Rogers Roadrunner
Daniel W. Holcomb Frontier Trails
Traci Pizzi Silver Star
Gary Goldstein Silver Star
William D. Capps Chisholm Trail
Oliver Cozby Roadrunner
Robert Stewart Frontier Trails
Brian Skates Silver Star
William Michael Nolan Indian Nations
Peter Filidoro Roadrunner
Glen Craig Indian Nations
Willie Capps Chisholm Trail
Sami Roop Lakeview
Phillip Hand Lakeview
Susan M. Schabel Tonkawa
James R. Hodgson Lakeview
Steve Zerbe Lakeview
Terry Taybor Lakeview
Joel McWilliams Lakeview
Barbara Idol Lakeview
Thomas Clinton Bailey Lakeview
Charlene Taylor Lakeview
Bill Jesse Roadrunner
Kevin Schelen Lakeview
Gregory Atwell Topsanah
Toni Atwell Topsanah
Benjamin Stahmann
William J. Harrison Roadrunner
Brock Smith Mustang
Hennon Gilbert Trinity Trails
Charles Smith Trinity Trails
Joe Woodwell Tonkawa
Dwight Jekel Chisholm Trail
Bob White Cross Timbers

Click here to download a PDF copy of the application for the Distinguished Commissioner Service Award: Distinguished Commissioner Service Award Application.

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