Good Citizenship

Be more than a member of your community – be a builder.

Being a good citizen is all about going above and beyond to help improve the community in which you live. It means you’re a helper, a giver, a doer, and it’s all part of the Scouting experience. Good citizenship can even look something like restoring an abandoned cemetery that’s over 175 years old.

Being a good citizen is tough work. It takes time and effort, but it’s rewarding. Here’s a taste of what it looks like:

Locating important government and recreational buildings in your community.

Attending city meetings and court sessions and discussing the issues raised.

Helping with an important issue in your community.

Canoeing leader
Young group talking
Boy widdling
Youth hiking

Through Scouting, you can become more engaged in and involved with your community and make a difference for the people around you.

Youth biking with helmet