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The Longhorn Council is proud to be the home of the Texas High Adventure Base and 3 summer camps, offering many unique adventures for youth and adults.  Troops and Crews from 44 states, England, Scotland, and Mexico have come to our flagship program: Chisholm Trail Adventure. Check it out!

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September 24, 2020

Our LHC Scouts In The News

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Texas High Adventure Base

Longhorn Council is home to Texas High Adventure Base, offering outstanding BSA High Adventure programs including the unique outposts and water sports of our flagship program: Chisholm Trail Adventure.  Scouts from 44 states, England, Scotland, and Mexico have attended Chisholm Trail Adventure.

The Texas High Adventure Base also offers the Steele Island Wakeboarding program, the Brazos River Canoe Trip, and the Tahuaya Sea Kayak and Caving Adventure.

Chisholm Trail  is a week of boating and high adventure on a 10,000 acre lake! Use a pontoon boat to travel to the high adventure outposts and water sports bases on our camp’s 15 miles of shoreline. High Adventure outposts include US Cavalry, Texas Rangers, Drone Racing, Cowboy Cooking, Vikings & Medieval Combat, Sporting Clays, Rock Climbing, and Covert Ops.

Our water sports include The Blobs, tubing and wakeboarding, and a Sailing Base with 30 sailboats and fleets of sailboard, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards, . We do living history battle reenactments at our US Cavalry, Texas Ranger, and Viking outposts. Click here for High Adventure Base details.

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