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Longhorn Council is committed to helping your Scouts fund their adventures through the annual Popcorn Sale. Our team can assist if you have questions before, during, or after the sale. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your fundraiser more successful.

Super Bonus Sale: November 5- December 15

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Popcorn Calendar

  • June 20th                                 District Kernel Training 6 pm
  • Saturday, July 29th                  Popcorn Kickoffs: North 9 am and South 2 pm
  • Sunday, August 6th                  Initial Show & Sell Orders due by 11:59 PM
  • August 23rd-25th                    Show & Sell Distribution
  • August 27th- October 1st          Weekly Replenishment Orders due by 11:59 each Sunday
  • September 1st- October 6th     Weekly Popcorn Replenishment Pick-up
  • October 6th                              Popcorn Return*
  • Sunday, October 15th              Take Orders due by 11:59 PM
  • November 3rd                          Take Order Distribution
  • Monday, November 13th        Popcorn Payments Due (Prizes when the account is zero)
  • Sunday, November 5th            Super Bonus Sale Show & Sell Orders due by 11:59 PM
  • November 10th                         Super Bonus Sale Show & Sell Product Pickup
  • Sunday, November 12th            Super Bonus Sale Show & Sell Orders due by 11:59 PM
  • November 17th                         Super Bonus Sale Show & Sell Product Pickup
  • December 10th                            Super Bonus Sale Show & Sell Orders due by 11:59 PM
  • December 15th                         Super Bonus Sale Show & Sell Product Pickup

Units can return up to 8% of the dollar value of their Initial Show and Sell order. Popcorn must be returned in full cases.

Popcorn Documents

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Popcorn Tips from Our Scouts

Longhorn Council Popcorn Contacts:

Joe Macy, Longhorn Council Popcorn Kernel

Bryant Butler, Director of Annual Giving

Kathy McLean, Popcorn Administrator & Finance

Every District has a team of volunteers and a member of the Longhorn Council’s professional staff available to help your unit succeed. If you have any questions, your District Kernel is a great first resource.

District Kernels 

District Kernel Phone Email
Chisholm Trail Trisha Crawford (806) 475-8007 trishacrawford@icloud.com
Heart O' Texas April Jackson (254) 715-7024 aijackson605@gmail.com
Leon Valley Melissa Orman (254)-226-7330 ormanmelissa@gmail.com
Lonestar Jeff Mahlmann (817) 901-6184 j.mahlmann@sbcglobal.net
Santa Fe Brittany Zamora  (817) 776-3316 britineyzbsa@gmail.com
Trinity Trails Ryan Thompson (817) 231-8554 ryan.thompson@scouting.org
Woodbine Trails Gabe Sewell     
Arrowhead Gene Thomas (817)-528-0441 Gene.thomas@att.net
Brazos Valley Christine Vollmer (817) 565-4660  christine.lenscrafters@yahoo.com
Frontier Trails Lucia Celaya (575) 200-7426  luciacelaya87@hotmail.com 
Mustang Leigh Ann Johnson McDowell (682) 402-4999  Ms.johnson.mcdowell@gmail.com
Orion Joe Macy (940)-293-7513 joe.macy@gmail.com
Pathfinder Bill Parrill   (682)-472-1290 popcorn@pathfinderlhc.org