Eagle Scout Process

Eagle Scout Rank Applications and all required paperwork must be submitted to the District Advancement Committee. After being reviewed by District volunteers, the application and paperwork must be submitted to a Longhorn Council Service Center for verification of dates and signatures prior to a candidate's Eagle Scout Board of Review.

Hurst Service Center Verification- 850 Cannon Drive, Hurst, TX 76054, Phone: 817.231.8500

  • Option 1: Make an in-person appointment for Eagle verification. These appointments will take place on Wednesdays at the Hurst Service Center. Please call 817.231.8500 or email 662advancements@bsamail.org to set an appointment time. Appointments usually last about 30 minutes. All documents listed below must be provided during the verification appointment.
  • Option 2: To prevent multiple trips to the Service Center due to incomplete paperwork, applicants may scan and email the packet of documents listed below to 662advancements@bsamail.org. If you choose to scan and submit documents electronically, all items must be attached as PDF documents. External links to documents such as a Google Drive or a DropBox will not be accepted. The packet will be reviewed on Wednesday or as time allows during the week. If there are any issues needing correction, the Scout and a parent will be contacted by return email. After a digital packet passes verification, the original, physical Eagle Scout Application must be provided to the Longhorn Council for final signatures. This document may be delivered or mailed to the Hurst Service Center.

  • Option 3: A parent or representative of the troop/crew may deliver the Eagle Scout Rank Application with all documentation listed below to the Longhorn Council Hurst Service Center during regular business hours. The verification process may take up to five (5) business days to complete. If there are any issues needing correction, the Scout and a parent will be contacted by return email.

Waco Service Center Verification- 300 Lake Air Drive, Waco, TX 76710, Phone: 254.772.8932

  • Eagle Scout verification documents may be submitted in person during regular business hours (Tuesday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM). We recommend contacting the Waco Service Center in advance of delivering paperwork to guarantee staff availability. If there are any issues needing correction, the Scout and a parent will be contacted by return email. The verification process may take up to five (5) business days to complete.

Items Needed for Verification

  1. Eagle Scout Rank Application
    • The latest printing (June 2022) of Form #512-728 Eagle Scout Rank Application must be used. Ensure all Signatures (Scout, Unit Leader, and Committee Chairperson) are complete above the BSA Council Verification section. Signatures must be original. Computer-generated script fonts or digital signatures will not be accepted (unless marked "digitally signed" through proper software).
  2. The Proposal Signature Page (Proposal Page H)
  3. Project Report Page B
    • Located in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (2022 version or later). This is the page from your project workbook that has the Grand Total of Hours worked. Scouts who have already started preparing their workbook using the 2022 version may continue to use it. They do not need to redo it using the 2023 version. 
  4. Project Report Page C
    • Located in the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook (2022 version or later). This is the page that has the Candidates Promise signature. It also includes approval signatures from the beneficiary and unit leader that state the Eagle Scout service project meets Eagle Scout requirement 5, as stated in the Workbook. Scouts who have already started preparing their workbook using the 2022 version may continue to use it. They do not need to redo it using the 2023 version. 
  5. Statement of candidate's ambitions and life purpose
  6. Individual History Report 
    • This report is available through Scout Book or Internet Advancement. It should be signed by 2 committee members in the troop. This report has the Merit Badge dates and Rank dates listed. Along with a listing of positions held in the troop. This is only needed if there is a discrepancy in dates. Verification cannot be denied if this is not provided.

Eagle Scout Timeline & Workflow

The Longhorn Council follows national procedures concerning the flow of paperwork and forms for the Eagle Project Workbook and the Eagle Scout application.

Upon earning the Life Scout rank, a Scout may obtain the Life to Eagle Project Workbook in which the Eagle Scout application is inserted as a loose sheet, separate from the workbook. A Scout may begin selecting and planning their Eagle Scout Project as soon as the Life Scout Rank Board of Review is complete.

The Eagle Scout project is considered complete when all project work has been completed, the final write-up has been finished, and all required signatures (candidate, unit leader, and the benefiting organization representative) are in place prior to the candidate's 18th birthday.

The Eagle Scout application need not be completed until after the Scout has completed their Eagle Scout project and all required merit badge work. The Eagle Scout application must be the current edition at the time the Scout finishes all requirements for the Eagle Scout rank. Information regarding the form’s edition is located at the very bottom of the reverse side of the application form.

The Eagle Scout application should be completed with utmost care and accuracy. When recording the dates merit badges were earned on the application, the day, month, and year that each merit badge was earned (not presented) should be entered. These dates can be found on the merit badge ‘blue card,’ which should always be saved by the Scout (or troop in some cases) for future reference. It is always wise to save the blue cards as a reference for merit badges a Scout has earned. A completed blue card, dated and signed by a properly designated counselor, proves that a Scout earned a merit badge.

All requirements stated on the application, including the Unit Leader (Scoutmaster) Conference, must have been met before the Scout’s 18th birthday. It is important to remember that a Statement of Life Ambition is part of the Eagle application and must be attached when submitted to the unit leader and local council. The Eagle Scout Board of Review (BOR) may be completed after the candidate's 18th birthday.

The position of responsibility or combination of positions, held by the Scout (as listed on the application) must total at least six calendar months. If the Scout has held more than one position of responsibility, indicate so and list the time period served in each position. Positions held concurrently may not shorten the six calendar month requirement.

The application is considered complete and ready for submission to the Longhorn Council Service Center only after the Scout, the unit leader, and the unit Committee Chairman have signed and dated it in the appropriate places and a copy of the required pages of the Service Project workbook with signatures and a statement of life ambition is attached. After the Council Registrar has verified the Eagle Application by signing and dating, it is returned to the Scout or their troop leader to deliver to the District Advancement Chairman, who will schedule the Eagle Board of Review. The District Advancement Chairman will specify the procedure for getting the application paperwork to the district following council verification.

Note: As a precaution, Eagle candidates are advised to retain a photocopy of all their Eagle paperwork, including the completed Eagle Scout application whenever the original is submitted to the district or council.

An Eagle Board of Review can be scheduled only after the District Advancement Chairman has received: (1) the Council-certified Eagle Application (2) the completed final write-up of the Eagle Scout project. Districts may handle the administration of the Eagle Board of Review in slightly different ways, but all must follow national guidelines as stated in Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures.

Upon successful completion of the Eagle Scout board of review, the designated BOR chairman and the District Advancement Committee representative sign and date the Eagle Scout application. The District Advancement Chairman will establish the procedure for submitting it to the Council Service Center. The Eagle application is subsequently forwarded to the National Office of the BSA  by the local council. The project workbook and all other paperwork (except letters of recommendation) should be returned to the Scout. The project plan/report is not re-submitted with the application following the BOR. If the workbook is inadvertently sent back to the office, it will be held until the package is returned from National and then returned to the troop. The board chairman should destroy the letters of recommendation. Letters are not submitted to the council office or given to the Scout.

The Eagle Scout Court of Honor should not be conducted, nor the rank badge awarded to the Scout until the Eagle Scout certificate and award package is returned from the National Service Center.

All appeals and extension requests regarding Eagle Scout Rank advancement should be submitted using the forms and procedures outlined by the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America. Please visit www.Scouting.org to locate and review all current policies, procedures, and forms related to advancement.