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Charter Renewal 2.0 went live on Friday, October 15th.

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Longhorn Council- 2022 Charter Renewal Update


All Longhorn Council units will move to a December renewal cycle. Units that currently recharter in December will continue to do so with a 12-month term. Any units that expire any other month of the year, will adjust their recharter fees manually at their recharter cycle to have a December 2022 expiration date (i.e., a March expiration unit will only pay for 9 months with recharter). Those units that have a January, February, or March expiration date will renew twice in 2022. All units should plan to complete their charter renewal process online.  On time submission of a charter renewal is by the 15th of the month of unit expiration. Following this process will lead to recharter alignment by December 2022.


  • $72 for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts participants
  • $45 for Exploring participants
  • $45 for all adult volunteers (includes cost of background check)
  • $75 for a unit charter fee
  • $15 Longhorn Council Insurance fee for youth & adults

Membership Fees FAQ & Details


2022 Prorated Registration Fees:

  • November Recharter = 13 months
  • December Recharter = 12 months
  • January Recharter = 11 months
  • February Recharter = 10 months
  • March Recharter = 9 months

Important Note: All units that do not have a December 31, 2021 expiration date currently will not pay fees online for this upcoming renewal (one cycle only).  Fees will be paid to Longhorn Council directly.



Youth Protection Training is required for each adult on the unit charter, and all adults registered in Scouting in the Longhorn Council. All adults must have record of current YPT certification through the end of 2022. Every new Adult Application must include a Youth Protection Training certificate. Please make sure all adults have valid YPT certification.

You will not be able to complete your charter renewal if any registered adult has expired YPT certification during 2022. Training can be completed online through

Click here to read YPT instructions



The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is committed first and foremost to keeping youth safe. Part of that commitment includes continually updating our youth protection policies to help ensure we are always on the forefront of youth safety. For 2022, all registered adults must have a signed “Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization” form on file at Longhorn Council. If you do not have a form on file or if you are unsure if you have, please provide a copy of the Authorization for every adult leader when you submit your Charter Renewal Paperwork. We are truly grateful for your continued commitment to keeping youth safe and for helping them learn, grow, and thrive through Scouting programs.



To improve systems and increase speed and efficiency in processes while reducing costs, the current Internet Recharter system will be phased out. Beginning with units with charters expiring on December 31, 2021, charters will be submitted through the new system located in Internet Advancement 2.0.



Q: When is my Longhorn Council charter expiration date?

A: Your unit key 3 can log in to Under organization manager, you can download your charter certificate, which shows your expiration date. By the end of 2022, all Longhorn Council unit charter expiration dates will be December 31st.

Q: When will rechartering training materials be available for units?

A: Additional communications and training materials for units will be sent during September 2021. Longhorn Council will receive a copy from National and will forward materials to support unit recharter as they become available.

Q: When will training materials be available for Longhorn council?

A: Registrar Training is scheduled for November 2, 2021 through November 5, 2021 which will encompass all new registration processes.

Q: When will the new Internet Recharter System be available?

A: The new Internet Recharter will be activated on October 15, 2021 for all Longhorn Council Units with an expiration date of December 31, 2021.

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