Cub Scout Family Programs

Family Programs for Boys & Girls in grades K-5

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Cub Scouting is a family program for boys and girls in grades K-5 and their families.

Events for Cub Scout Families

Cub Scout Family events are open to all Cub Scouts, siblings, and parents from any Council. For more information email:, or call 817-231-8537.


Events Calendar

  • Cub-O

    The Cub Scout Holiday Break Adventure! Click here to see the Cub-O feature in the January-February 2016 issue of Scouting magazine. Click HERE for Cub-O 2018 Scores! A day trip or a weekend camp, Cub-O…

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  • Cub Scout Trout-O-Rees

    Two Trout events are offered each weekend: (1) fish on Saturday OR (2) fish on Sunday morning.  Each December the lake at Camp Tahuaya is stocked with a truckload of Rainbow Trout from Missouri.  For…

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  • Webelos Woods

    Webelos Woods is a  weekend of fun activities, intriguing Scoutcraft demonstrations, outdoor adventures, ceremonies, and a bridging crossover for Webelos Scouts and their parents.  It is designed to introduce Webelos Scouts and their parents to…

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  • Cub Scout Family Adventures

    Family Camping Events for Cub Scouts and families! Fun for individual families or entire Packs.  You’ll get three meals, a campsite, petting zoos, climbing wall, bounce houses, BB shooting, archery, face painting, reptile shows, scavenger…

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  • Cub Scout Fun Day

    Get ready for Cub Scout Fun Day! Dozens of fun activities to do and displays to see!  Activities include 8 bounce houses, petting zoo, BB, archery, flour battles, jousting, walking the plank, softball toss, face…

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  • Pushmobile Derby at Cub Scout Fun Day

    A pushmobile derby is a race using cars built by a Cub Scout Den and their parents.  This gives the Scouts and parents an opportunity to work on a project together, which is important in…

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  • Cub Scout Rocket Academy

    3… 2…1… BLAST OFF to the new Rocket Academy programs! The camp Dining Hall is transformed into the Rocket Building Hangar, as parents and Cub Scouts come together to design their very own Rocket. It’s…

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  • Tiger Cub Adventure Day

    Cub Scout Adventures for Tigers, Lions and their Parents! Come join us for an afternoon of outdoor adventure with other new Tiger and Lion Cubs and their parent partners. This is a wonderful activity for…

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  • Fall Festival & Haunted Hayrides

    Family Fun for your entire Pack! Hot Dog supper, Festival Games, and cool Haunted Hayrides, PLUS BB Guns, Archery, and Pumpkin carving. The whole family can join the fun!

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  • SPRING-O: Spring Orienteering Meet

    SPRING-O NEWS Two-person Scout Teams can run any course – beginner to expert New non-competition Recreational Teams category Orienteering class for leaders 2018-2019 Boy Scout Program Calendar. 2018-2019 Venturing Program Calendar 2018-2019 Cub Scout Program…

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