Council Jobs

Longhorn Council Employment

In view of the current precautions being taken in regards to the coronavirus, we are cancelling the March in-person face-to-face Camp Staff interviews. To set up an appointment for a phone or online interview please email your request to the camp director.

Program Executive Position Announcement

Professional positions now open. Send resumes to [email protected].

Administrative Positions

Send resumes and applications to Linda Presley, [email protected], fax: 817-231-8600

Camp Ranger Positions

Send resumes and Ranger Applications to [email protected], fax: 817-231-8600.


Professional Positions

District Executive Positions.

Send resumes and applications to [email protected], fax: 817-231-8600

Program Executive Positions:

Send resumes and applications to [email protected], fax : 817-231-8600

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