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October 17, 2020


1996-2020:  Twenty-Four Years of Orienteering Competition!

Over 30,000 Scouts have competed in Score-O since 1996.  Score-O is a fast-paced Orienteering competition for Troops, Crews, and Webelos! Your team gets a SCORE-O map showing the locations of control flags in the woods. Find the flags to score points!

ALL 2020-2021 events will be done outside and have been redesigned to follow Covid-19 protocols!

No mass start in 2021. Score-O has been redesigned to have all day staggered start times by individual units throughout the morning and early afternoon turning one big start into hundreds of small team starts. The markers will be using codes this year, rather than hole punches (so teams won’t have to touch them).

The Longhorn Council cares deeply about the health and safety of all Scouts and their families. All 2020-2021 weekend events have been redesigned to incorporate the latest CDC, State, and BSA guidelines and make them as safe as possible during the covid-19 pandemic. The updated event plans make it possible for Scouts, adults, and families to have fun in the outdoors while safely following current social distancing and hygiene protocols. Masks are required for 2020.

All events have new procedures for cleaning, sanitizing, hygiene, mask wearing, and social distancing to avoid crowds and to keep our Scouts outside where it is much safer than indoors.

Competition Maps are challenging.  Score-O is a more difficult Scouts BSA and Venturing level Competition, with interesting sport orienteering challenges for teams to solve. The map is ready and the competition areas have been checked and marked! It’s another completely new 5-color orienteering map. There are now SIX 400 gallon water buffaloes for water refills.

2020-2021 Cub Scout Program Calendar.
2020-2022 Scout and Venturing Program Calendar.

tower campsites map
Score-O General Participant Guide 2018

Webelos and AoL can camp with a Troop and participate at Score-O.  Cub Scouts can attend Cub-O.

Volunteer to staff an event.

score-o_jp_2015_IMG_2058-720 score-o_jp_2015_IMG_2004-720

Your team gets a SCORE-O map 2o minutes before the race starts. The map shows the locations of control flags placed out in the woods for you to find. You plan your strategy to find the most flags and score the maximum point total possible in 3 1/2 hours! The map will feature new control flag locations. For teams of Scouts, Venturers, Explorers and adults. Webelos may camp with a Troop. Cub Scouts must go to Cub-O.

score-o_jp_2015_IMG_2200-720 score-o_jp_2015_IMG_2114-720

Score-O 2000 was featured in the September/October 2001 issue of Scouting Magazine!!

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Photographers Needed for for Score-O

The Orienteering Committee is looking for several volunteers with digital cameras to serve as event photographers at Score-O and take photos for the campfire show. The assignment will take photographers out into the woods to photograph participants as they hike and find the orienteering markers. Contact [email protected].


Volunteers Needed for map scoring.

The orienteering committee and anyone who can assist will examine and score each map 3-4 times on Saturday afternoon and will announce the final scores on Saturday night.

score-o_jp_2015_IMG_2073-720 score-o_jp_2015_IMG_1864-720

Team Maps and Awards

Score-O Team competition maps and Award Ribbons will be available for pickup Saturday night.

Extra Haunted Hayrides: Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts attending the Score-O can do an “Extra Haunted Hayride” on Saturday evening.  Click here to Register online for an Extra Haunted Hayride.

2019 Campsite Assignment list by Campsite
2019 Campsite Assignment list by Unit Number

tower campsites map
Score-O General Participant Guide

Score-O Preliminary Scores 2019

Webelos-AOL Team Rankings 2019
Scouts BSA Team Rankings 2019
Venturing Team Rankings 2019
Adult Team Rankings 2019

Score-O Final Scores 2018

Webelos Team Rankings 2018
Scouts BSA Team Rankings 2018
Venturing Team Rankings 2018
Adult Team Rankings 2018

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Score-O Final Scores 2017

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Webelos Team Rankings 2017
Boy Scout Team Rankings 2017
Venturing Team Rankings 2017
Adult Team Rankings 2017

Score-O Final Scores 2016

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Webelos Team Rankings 2016
Boy Scout Team Rankings 2016
Venturing Team Rankings 2016
Adult Team Rankings 2016

Score-O Final Scores 2015

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Webelos Team Rankings 2015
Boy Scout Team Rankings 2015
Varsity Team Rankings 2015
Venturing Team Rankings 2015
Adult Team Rankings 2015

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score-o_2015_bev-c_101E7622-720 score-o_jp_2015_IMG_2102-720

Score-O Final Scores 2014

District Rankings 2014
Webelos Team Rankings 2014
Boy Scout Team Rankings 2014
Venturing Team Rankings 2014
Adult Team Rankings 2014

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