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October 17, 2020


1996-2020:  Twenty-Four Years of Orienteering Competition!

Over 31,000 Scouts have competed in Score-O since 1996.  Score-O is a fast-paced Orienteering competition for Troops, Crews, and Webelos! Your team gets a SCORE-O map showing the locations of control flags in the woods. Find the flags to score points!

The new Covid-19 protocols worked for Score-O 2020!  We staggered the start times for individual units and their teams throughout the day and never saw crowds!  Social distancing was easy. Thanks to everyone who made the day possible!

924 participants and no crowds at all at the 8 Start Lanes and the 4 Finish Lanes!

No mass start in 2021. Score-O was redesigned to have all day staggered start times by individual units throughout the morning and early afternoon turning one big start into hundreds of small team starts. The markers will be using codes this year, rather than hole punches (so teams won’t have to touch them).

2020 Campsite Assignment list by Unit Number

New COVID-19 Procedures. Score-O has new procedures for cleaning, sanitizing, hygiene, mask wearing, and social distancing to help prevent crowds and to keep our Scouts outside where it is much safer than indoors.

  • Camping will be limited to one unit per campsite.
  • Score-O is redesigned to make it easier to do the event as a Day Trip. The road will be open all day for entry and exit.
  • Score-O will now have all day staggered start times by individual units throughout the morning and early afternoon.  We will turn one big start into hundreds of small team and unit starts.
  • The markers will have codes this year, rather than hole punches (teams won’t have to touch them).
  • When a Troop or Crew registers they will schedule an Arrival time at camp, and a Check-in time at Registration. Units will get their maps and start on the course shortly after checking in at Registration.
  • All Team Start times will be by appointment so that the Orienteering Committee can spread out the participants over time and distance.
    • 8 Start lines, each with 30 feet of social distancing built in.
    • 4-8 finish lines, each with 30 feet of social distancing built in.
    • Scores after the event will be emailed, and not posted at the event in order to avoid gathering even small crowds.
  • For groups that are camping, each campsite will be issued cleaning and sanitizing gear for campsite bathrooms and showers.
  • Public restrooms and portajons will be regularly sanitized.
  • Masks are required. BYO Masks.

Score-O 2020 Scores

2020 Score-O Participant Guide rev.2

Forms you need at Score-O Event Check-In:

Forms you need at Camp Entrance Arrival Station:

October 17, 2020 SR2 7:00am-5:00pm Register

Score-O Scores 2020!

All Scouts BSA, Venturers, Sea Scouts, Explorers, and adults are invited to participate!  You can race for competition or just for Fun! Webelos/AOL Dens may attend with a Troop. Score-O is one of our most popular events. [NOTE: Cub Scouts should attend CUB-O Jan. 2]   Maps offer Scout and Venturing level competition with challenges for both beginners and advanced runners.

2020-2021 Cub Scout Program Calendar.
2020-2021 Scout and Venturing Program Calendar_rev.4.
Volunteer to staff an event.

2020 Campsite Assignment list by Unit Number

tower campsites map

Each team gets a 5-color map for each participant 5 minutes before their race starting time.  There are 75-85 flags/markers shown on the map and you must find all you can in 3.5 hours. Some are easy to find & some are hard.  Each flag is worth 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 points, depending on how hard it is to find.

score-o_jp_2015_IMG_2058-720 score-o_jp_2015_IMG_2004-720

Plan your strategy to find the most flags and maximize your score!!  The Orange & White markers in the field are identified with a number to let you know if you have found the control flag. To prove you found the marker you write down the marker’s code number (attached to each marker) on the score card. No hole punches to touch in 2020!.

score-o_jp_2015_IMG_2200-720 score-o_jp_2015_IMG_2114-720

Score-O 2000 was featured in the September/October 2001 issue of Scouting Magazine!!

Orienteering is a team event, so be sure to register by teams of 4-8 Scouts, Venturers, Explorers, Webelos, or Adults.  At least TWO registered adults must accompany each Webelos team.  Your team needs a compass and a watch or stopwatch so you’ll finish on time.

Participants should bring at leaast 2 or 3 full canteens or water bottles. NO WATER STOPS in 2020. The sections of camp we use for orienteering have some areas of thick vegetation and can be very rocky.  Wear long pants and good trail shoes or boots.

score-o_jp_2015_IMG_1848-720 score-o_jp_2015_IMG_1819-720

ADULT REGISTRATION. All adults must register for Score-O, whether or not they participate in the competition.

MEALS. Bring your own food for meals

T-SHIRTS. SCORE-O shirts may be pre-ordered for $12.00. A limited number will be sold at the trading post.

CAMPING. Scouts, Venturers, Webelos, Explorers and adults may camp.  Webelos & AOL may camp with a Scout troop.  Cub Scouts should attend Cub-O on January 4.  Check the Council website for current fire ban information.

TRAINING. All training will be online in 2020. We will email training app or video links to every registered adult. No in-person training crowds allowed in 2020!
How to Use a Compass || REI (7:15)

Introduction to Orienteering (17:23)


Photographers Needed for for Score-O

The Orienteering Committee is looking for several volunteers with digital cameras to serve as event photographers at Score-O and take photos for the campfire show. The assignment will take photographers out into the woods to photograph participants as they hike and find the orienteering markers. Contact [email protected].

score-o_jp_2015_IMG_2073-720 score-o_jp_2015_IMG_1864-720

HAUNTING. Participating Scout Troops and Venturing Crews are invited to bring costumes and help scare Cub Scouts at the Cub Haunted Trail on Saturday Night. Make a haunting reservation at SCORE-O check-in and report to Buchanan Springs camporee grounds by 7 p.m..

Extra HAUNTED Trail Walks. Webelos & AOL and parents attending Score-O can sign up for a Haunted Walk in the evening after Score-O.  Webelos & AOL can click here to Register for an Extra Haunted Trail Walk.

7:00 –10:00 PM         Check appointments available at Dining Hall. Turn in complete Roster  at Check-in.
8:00 am –12:30 PM   Check appointments available at Dining Hall. Turn in complete Roster  and be prepared to START!
8:45 am-1:00 PM      Start Line volunteers needed
9:00 am-1:00 PM    Teams BEGIN STARTING – We will begin starting Teams that checked in on Friday night.
Units and teams can start ONLY at their appointed Start times.
STARTS will commune all day until 1:00 PM.  No crowds allowed!
10:00 am – 6 PM      Trading Post Open – Limited access for social distancing requirements.
10:30-5:30 PM        Finish line volunteers needed
12:30 PM                  CHECK-IN Registration ends.
ROADS will remain open so units can arrive, run hte course, and leave – all day long.
There will be speed check and safety roadblocks set up to enforce safe driving.
1:00 PM                    Last Start Time.
1:00 PM-6:00 PM   2-3 Map Scoring volunteers needed
4:30 PM                   Competition ENDS
6:00 PM                   Safety Roadblocks close – continue to drive slow!

2020 Campsite Assignment list by Unit Number

tower campsites map

Score-O Scores 2020

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October 17, 2020 SR2 7:00am-5:00pm Register