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April 30, 2018, by Linda Presley


BSA’s new YPT2 course was approved last week by the the Department of State Health Services effective March 13, 2018. Any YPT2 course certification card dated March 13th or later will now meet the state YPT requirement for adults at Texas youth camps. This applies to the primary YPT2 online course as well as to cards from the YPT2 classroom course.

Certification cards received for passing the previous state-approved 2011/2017 BSA YPT classroom course are still good for two years from the date of the class. That course material is older, but still meets the requirements of state law, which didn’t change.

Note also that YPT course cards for scouters attending a state licensed Youth Camp must have the YPT state approval number written on the card. Since the YPT2 online course is a national course, it does not currently print individual state approval numbers on the course certificates. Scouters can write in the number and Camp Directors will have a stamp to add the state YPT course reference number to certification cards received from the YPT2 online course.

Cub Scout Day Camp directors will receive a YPT course number stamp for adults attending the awesome Passport to Adventure Day Camp programs this summer.

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