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February 2, 2019, by Linda Presley

Website Improvements from 2018

In 2018, we made several improvements to our website and communication with you all!

We’ve been working hard to identify areas of our website that could use a refresher and we’ve been making some great improvements.

Facebook Messenger

An area that was lacking was the ability to contact us quickly and effortlessly. We’re still working on improving our communication across the board, but with this new integration you can send us a message directly on our website and receive a reply in your Facebook Messenger app. Our response time is typically the same day during our office hours, or the next day we’re open.

Fixing the Broken Links

We found several of our links became broken after an update to the website. Rest assured, we have scoured our website for broken links and have fixed a majority of them, particularly on our most popular and important pages. Although, if you do find one or two stragglers, just let us know using the new Facebook Messenger feature and we’ll fix it!


You’re safety in Scouting is always our top priority. Online is no different, therefore, we have added a TLS certificate (more commonly known as SSL) to our website. This protects the information you enter on our website and keeps it just between you and us while in transit. This is important for any personal or private information you enter online. You can tell if a site is using SSL by checking to make sure the url starts with https where the s stands for secure.


We’ve begun adding content to our blog again! We realized it was getting a little stale, so we’re breathing new life into it. You’ll see information about council events, helpful Scouting tips, important announcements, and more.


Have you missed us from your favorite professional network? Well, no longer. You can Find Us On LinkedIn and follow us.

Notifications from the Web

Most recently, we’ve implemented a solution that allows you to receive notifications from our website on your computer. If you visit from a web browser on a Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, or an Android device, you will be prompted to accept or decline notifications. We will only use this for the most important announcement and blog posts.

New Online Event Registration System

We’re working quickly to ensure a seamless transition for everyone. This new system will allow reservations to be made online and to pay with a credit card online. Overtime, we will be transitioning all of our paper event registrations to this new system. This new registration system is already in use for Longhorn Council Summer Camps, the Texas High Adventure Base, Day Camps, Resident Camps, and some Training events.


We are committed to ensuring a positive experience in Scouting both online and off. We have more improvements coming in 2019. If you see any improvements that we can make to our website or elsewhere online or would like to volunteer with our Communications and Marketing Team, please email [email protected]

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