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March 4, 2021, by Victor Rivera

Warning: Read this poem only if you want to cry, smile, or swell with pride

Allow me to write this as a Cub Scout Dad and not only the Longhorn Council Director of Marketing and Communications.  The feature in today’s Bryan On Scouting article from by Michael Freeman made me tear up, smile, and ultimately swell with pride.  The poem in there by Maria LeBlanc provides a snap shot into the positive difference our Cub Scouts and our Scouting families make in the lives of others. 

Scouts Honor by Maria LeBlanc as seen on Bryan On Scouting

Let me explain why this story in Bryan On Scouting hit close to home and I felt the need to share.  Like the boy in the poem, my son is 8 years-old and a WOLF in Cub Scouts.  We pray every night and we keep the homeless population in our thoughts.  We donate time and resources whenever possible.  We do this together as a family alongside our Scouting family.  My 11 year-old daughter was the first in our family to join Cub Scouts as soon as it was allowed a few years ago and it has certainly been fun for all of us.   

My wife and kids have been on this fantastic “Pro Scout Victor Rivera” journey that began in El Paso, Texas and Southern New Mexico’s Yucca Council.  It later allowed us to enjoy beautiful Southern California while I served with Ventura County Council, and then we came back to Texas where I sharpened my skills for a few years at Circle Ten Council.  Now, I am seeing the pieces all come together as a Scout dad and a marketing professional at Longhorn Council. I bring this up because along the way, on this mission with BSA, I can’t help but feel proud of the countless families my councils have helped. 

Our local council and BSA provides service opportunities but more importantly a servant leadership mentality where our families take care of each other and their communities.  During our recent North Texas winter storm that left so many without electricity and safe drinking water, my current and last council came together to help the homeless and hungry

So, kudos to the unknown Cub Scout in the poem and the many others in BSA who focus on the fun to be had as well as being prepared to help at a moment’s notice.  Remember, read the poem if you want to cry, smile, or swell with pride. 

Yours in Scouting Service,

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