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May 12, 2020, by Victor Rivera

Virtual skit premiered during COH by Troop 1910 will make you smile


Longhorn Council Troop 1910 knows how to #KeepScoutingMoving in this current social-distancing environment.

The “SPL Team” created a virtual skit that highlighted a few Zoom stereotypes.

This fun video made the Troop 1910 virtual Court of Honor a little more entertaining.

Please keep Scouting-At-Home but know that we all want to get back to Scouting in person again!


To spread the joy of Scouting at LHC you can help other units’ leadership with ideas.

Share your ideas on how to #KeepScoutingMoving on our internal communication tools called the “Ihub.”

You can find a few ideas here:

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