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September 23, 2014, by Linda Presley

Trinity Trails District Blog

As the fall sets in and the days start getting shorter we come to realize that the end of another year is approaching faster than what we would like it to. Kids are back in School and Scouting packs, troops, teams, crews and ships are having more fun than ever. New Scouts are recruited, new scouting families fall in for this big game of Scouting and we start making sure that the lawn is ready for a new year.

The fall brings in new opportunities as some leaves fade and leave the tree, leaving room for some many more to come. This is the season of opportunity when we plant the seed we will see flourishing in the spring.

Let’s all get into the mode of preparing the lawn for a new year. Today I invite you to start thinking about the Friends of Scouting campaign and plan on your financial commitment to Scouting. Your contribution in this ending year supported more than 1000 youth in our District. Each one of those boys and young ladies learned this year that fun with a purpose is much more interesting. They discovered the value of giving to their community through community services. They proved to themselves that they can do much more than what they think they can.

Join us in preparing the Lawn for those new Scouts who are hungry for new adventures, become a Friend of Scouting!
Ask your unit leaders when your FOS presentation is going to be and how you can participate.

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