Longhorn Certified Trainer Award

This award has been developed by the Longhorn Council Training committee to recognize Scouters who have demonstrated excellence in training. The following are the requirements to earn the Longhorn Certified Trainer Award:
Click here to download the Longhorn Certified Trainer Application

Training: Complete all of the following courses (as a participant):

1. FastStart Training

2. Basic Training (prior to Fall 2001, the old basic training applies)

3. Youth Protection Training

4. Trainer Development Conference

Additional Courses: And complete any two of the following additional courses (as a participant):

1. Wood Badge

2. Powder Horn

3. Roundtable Basic

4. Commissioner Basic

5. District Committee Training Workshop

6. Chartered Organization Representative (COR) Training

7. Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

8. Philmont Training Center (Specify ________________)

9. Webelos Leader Outdoor Training



1. Serve twice as a staff member of a New Leader Essentials, Leader Specific, or Troop Committee training course within the last 5 years.
2. Serve as a staff member on any three other additional training opportunities listed in the Training section (above) within the last 5 years. Serving on staff of a TDC, NYLT, or serve as Scoutmaster of a Brownsea training course will qualify as one of the above.

Tenure: Tenure Complete two (2) years as a registered adult leader within the last 5 years and hold current registration.
Application: Application The Longhorn Certified Trainer card (LCTcard.doc), similar to other training award cards, is used to apply for this award. The application must be signed by the District Training Chairman who will submit it to the Council Training Chairman.
Click here to download the Longhorn Certified Trainer Application

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