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September 11, 2019, by Victor Rivera

Trails End App Update for Android also more Kettle and Jalapeno possibly available plus more info

Posted this a short while ago on our Longhorn IHUB and wanted to share here on our website and copy on social media so we can get the information out to the masses.

Android Smartphone owners who are using the Trails End App to log sales into the Square and may have experienced issues with the latest update, Kathy just received instructions on how to fix this.

From the TE customer service department:

 To fix the issue, we recommend the following troubleshooting steps: 

1. Uninstall the Trail’s End app
2. Reinstall the Trail’s End app
3. Clear the cache for the app
4. Clear the stored data for the app (this will not delete any sales data)
5. Open the app and try placing another credit card payment

Instructions for clearing cache and stored data:

Thank you for your patience. 

As always, please reach out to District Kernels , TE Customer Service, Kathy, James, or Victor when you come across issues with the app or the popcorn sale.


Now, switching gears a bit, we received clarification from Chris Sallusti from Trails End on a few popcorn sale items.

He shows many units with inventories full of Kettle and Jalapeno Popcorn (and other products).

This could simply mean that these units haven’t logged sales into the TE App or the Unit Leader Portal.

If you are a unit that wants to get rid of excess Kettle and Jalapeno popcorn, 12 cases or more, Trails End will send a truck to pick it up from you.  Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] to set this up. We will also ask the District Kernels to contact these units.

The popcorn sale is not yet at the halfway point and most products are selling very well so we could use the excess you may have.

Remember that the very last day to return full cases is October 10, 2019, if you don’t take advantage of this TE pick up offer.


Importance of updating the Trails End App or updating the Unit Leader Portal with your sales:

  1. Helps With Inventory Control
  2. Allows Us To Budget For Prizes
  3. Prizes such as Amazon Gift Cards, Scout Store Gift Certificates, etc. can only be redeemed if they are input into the App.

*Stay tuned for a Top 100 sellers announcement.*


Weather permitting, chocolate can be ordered Monday, October 7th and picked up that Thursday, October 10th. That Thursday may prove to be a super busy day and night…

Chocolate products are not returnable.

“Take Order” is November 1st at the latest. Units can order products from their take orders ahead of time but they may not have it available for pick up until October due to weather.

***Remember that No Products Can Be Returned, At All, as of October 10th and Chocolate is NON-Returnable so please be careful when ordering…***


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