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September 23, 2014, by Linda Presley

People are asking, “How’d they do it?”

How was Flower Mound Pack 392 able to sign up 29 new Cubs in one week? This is what I found out. First, they had 3 in attendance at the district Rally Training meeting. Then, they had two pack committee meetings to plan things out. Den Leaders were active on Facebook talking up Scouting. At the Boy Talk held during lunch times, they used props such as Rockets, Pinewood Derby Cars and even put up a small tent. Of course, flyers and stickers were given to the boys at school and were handed out at the Parent Night. Posters went up inside the school. Permission was granted at the school for all the cub scouts to wear their uniforms the day before the Rally. These are all things that have been done by most units, but this is what really impressed me. For the three days leading up to the Rally, four yard signs were displayed at two different entrances to the school. On Tuesday the signs said the day to join was Thursday. On the next two days, the message was changed on all 8 signs using Velcro. Wednesday, the signs read, “Let’s Go Camping !!!!”, “A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful…”, “Join Scouts For Fun Adventures”, “Become a Future Leader !!!!!”. On Thursday, all signs gave the details that the Rally was that night in the cafeteria at 7 p.m. Kudo’s to Daniel Nagy, Jason Lane and Stephanie Pierce.

If you need help recruiting additional scouts, please give me a call. Ron Frederich, District Executive 214 335-5212.

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