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September 23, 2014, by Linda Presley

Do Your Best

Pack 788 was a pack of tiger cubs in the fall of 2013. This fall they will have at least 22 new youth members with 4 dens! Their preparation over the summer has helped them succeed during the 2014 fall recruitment campaign. Pack 788 serves three schools on the east side of Mansfield, TX. They coordinated with each school to promote and host a Cub Scout Sign-Up Night. One of their keys to success was promoting the event through multiple avenues. Fliers, word-of-mouth, yard signs, and social media were all used to promote the three Cub Scout Sign-Up Nights at each of their schools. As a result they have been able to have great success by quadrupling the size of their pack. While you try to “Do Your Best” recruiting new members this fall, use as many promotion techniques as you can, it will pay off!

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