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September 23, 2014, by Linda Presley

Building young men and having fun doing it

The steely-grey pre-dawn crept through the mesh window of my tent.  Autumn’s first sharp morning chilled my bones and pushed me deeper into my sleeping bag, while I tried to chase away the soreness in my legs from the previous day’s hike followed by a pick-up football game with my oldest son and his patrol.  I toyed with the idea of waiting for the soft hues of dawn before emerging from my sleeping bag in search of camp coffee.  The sound of my son’s joyful voice drifted across the camp site, reminding me that the day was for us.  Was for him.

Like far too many other families in the western part of Tarrant County, our week is filled with deadlines, bills, frustrations, homework, sports, video games and whatever other digital intrusion can wedge its way into the gaps.  There just aren’t enough hours in the week.  Thanks to Scouting, our family has found the time and the place to spend time together, building memories while our boys grow into young men.

Strong units require a strong core of boys, and their families looking for adventure and willing to learn from one another.  That is why the Silver Star district is working overtime to build it membership with an active recruitment campaign.  Scouting volunteers from all over Saginaw, Azle, White Settlement and west Fort Worth are actively engaging school districts and community leaders throughout the area to spread the word about Scouting.

The effort is running full steam on several levels.  From Meet the Teacher nights to Scouting Extravaganzas to one on one contact originating from, Silver Star district is in our local communities looking for families willing to take the unique journey that Scouting maps out as boys grow into men.  Finally, the Silver Star district has been redoubling efforts to identify community partners looking to charter a unit of their own.  Across the district, community leaders realize that western Tarrant County needs Scouting now more than ever; we are working aggressively to answer that need.

All of these efforts boil down to one thing: building young men and having fun doing it.  Our district needs your help to do that.  We need to recognize the opportunities we have to develop stronger relationships with community leaders and community partners key to bringing Scouting into all of our communities.  We need to be ready and responsive to those that reach out to Scouting.  Most importantly, we need to Be Prepared to provide inspired, timely, and fun programming to the young men already within our ranks.

And if you aren’t sure whether Scouting is right for you and your family, come visit us and see for yourself what we do.  Hang around long enough, we might even treat you to some camp coffee!

Position Name Email Phone
District Chairman Brent Denison [email protected] (817) 925-6372
District Commissioner Al Norman [email protected] (817) 689-8828
District Membership Chairman Shareen Barrett [email protected] (817) 271-5955
District Advancement Chairman Andy Stokes [email protected] (817) 236-4603
District Finance Chairman Lee Barrett [email protected] (817) 692-8954

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