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June 22, 2019, by Linda Presley

Scouts Help Fort Worth Neighbors after Tornado

Great job Longhorn Council Troop 32!

From the Troop Newsletter:

Troop 32 had the humblest of opportunities this week to help Scoutmaster Colvin and her community cleanup after an EF-1 Tornado hit May 29.  Our Scouts and Scouters picked up debris; including destroyed fence panels, roof shingles, branches and leaves throughout the neighborhood and community clubhouse and hauled it to the Fort Worth C & D Landfill in South Fort Worth.  A special thanks to SPL Danny for rallying the Troop to assemble and help clean up on such short notice.

During an interview with Channel 5 NBCDFW reporter Tim Ciesco asked, “Why they [Scouts] wanted to help their Scoutmaster?”  Outdoor Ethics Guide Jacob didn’t hesitate to proclaim, “She does so much for us.”  Chaplain Aide Max added, “It’s a good thing to do, community, that’s kind of what we do.”

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