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February 20, 2020, by Victor Rivera

Scouting Has Saved Millions of Lives in the US

Scouting is stronger than ever at Longhorn Council and throughout Central – North Texas!


Our District Executives and Program Professionals work with volunteers to deliver the most fun and best character-development program in the country.  The “volunteer-driven, professionally guided” model we use delivers on the promises we make when we recruit new youth and parents.  Kids want to have fun and parents want a safe environment where their sons and daughters will learn useful skills.

Saving another person’s life is something we don’t really think about, but due to the skills and preparation learned in our Scouting programs, we have heard countless stories about our “Boy Scouts of America” heroes saving lives.  Our Scouts have been saving lives for over 100 years.  That is priceless.

The Voice of Scouting website featured a story by Tyler North, on a few of these heroic Scouts from the past century.  Check it out:

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