Scout Saver Fundraiser

What is the Scout Saver fundraiser? 

The Scout Saver fundraiser is an Entertainment Savers Guide tri-fold with offers from a mix of national & local vendors plus a code for the Scout Saver app to unlock access to THOUSANDS of 2-for-1 & 50% offers to use in over 10,000 cities throughout North America. This is a great offer for $10! The offers are a great mix of retail, dining, automotive services, entertainment, & much more. 


Albertsons & Tom Thumb Storefront Sales: 

The Longhorn Council is excited to partner with Albertsons and Tom Thumb for our 2022 Scout Saver Cards Sale.  Albertsons and Tom Thumb have graciously agreed to allow our Scouting units to sell in front of their stores for the month of March.

If your unit receives any questions regarding the sale from store management, this Approval Letter can be provided at the store. 

When signing up please make sure to be aware of the following:

  • Between February 15, 2022 and  February 28, 2022 we ask that units sign up for no more than 2 time slots per week.  Beginning in March units may sign up for as many times as desired.
  • On weekdays, there are two, two-hour shifts available (6PM-8PM & 8PM-10PM)
  • On weekends, each day is split into 3-hour shifts (7AM-10AM, 10AM-1PM, 1PM-4PM, 4PM-7PM, & 7PM-10PM)
  • No gratuity or tip container can be out (Albertsons and Tom Thumb have allowed us to sell in front of their store, not ask for donations).
  • It is recommended that each shift have 2 Scouts per door and no more than 4 Scouts per door.
  • Follow whatever policies the store has for COVID (remember we are guests).
  • Two deep leadership is required for each shift.
  • Remember to follow the Scout Law during the shift and make sure to leave the storefront better than you found it (like Scouts do!)

TOM THUMB WEEK 1 (March 1-March 6)
TOM THUMB WEEK 2 (March 7-March 13)
TOM THUMB WEEK 3 (March 14-March 20)
TOM THUMB WEEK 4 (March 21-March 27)
TOM THUMB WEEK 5 (March 28-March 31)

ALBERTSONS WEEK 1 (March 1-March 6)
ALBERTSONS WEEK 2 (March 7-March 13)
ALBERTSONS WEEK 3 (March 14-March 20)
ALBERTSONS WEEK 4 (March 21-March 27)
ALBERTSONS WEEK 5 (March 28-March 31)



Local vendors featured on the tri-fold: 

North Tri-Fold: Albertsons/Tom Thumb, Texas Rangers, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sonic, Medieval Times, Sports Clips, Schlotzsky’s, Grand Adventure, Jiffy Lube, Cookies By Design 

South Tri-Fold (Waco, Killeen, Temple Areas): Shipley’s Donuts, Texas Rangers, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Medieval Times, Great Clips, FireHouse Subs, Sonic, Chuck E. Cheese, Dairy Queen, Mr. Gatti’s Pizza, Brick & Forge Taproom, Lil Tex Restaurant, Jiffy Lube, Cookies By Design 

When will the program run? 

The Scout Saver program will begin in February and end in April 2022. Units will be able to start selling when they want to. Units can sell beyond May as most coupon expiration dates are 12/31/22, but Units must pay the Council $5 per card by 5/9/22.

How much does the Scout Saver cost & what is the pricing structure? 

The Scout Saver retail cost will be $10 & your Unit will earn a $5 profit for each one sold. Below is a breakdown of the pricing structure. 

$5 Unit Sales Profit
$5 Council funding for support materials & inventory expense.  (Units need to pay $5 per sold card to the Council by 5/9/22)

When Can I order? 

Ordering will be available beginning Jan 22, 2022 and can be ordered through April!  

When will funds be due to Council?

Funds will be due to Council no later than Monday, May 9th 2022

Can I return my unsold Scout Savers?

Yes, you can return unsold cards. Unsold/unregistered cards are to be returned to Council along with the payment of $5 for each card you did sell

If I order a small amount at first & need more, can I get additional inventory? 

Yes. Units will pre-order cards & be able to re-order to supply their selling needs throughout the campaign season (re-orders could take up to 2 weeks to fulfill from the vendor if not in Council stock)

Show ‘n’ Sell Opportunities

We encourage units to work with local vendors to set-up Show ‘n’ Sell opportunities in their local communities. With Albertsons and Tom Thumb being a featured vendor on the Northern Scout Saver, the Longhorn Council team will be creating a process for units to reserve Show ‘n’ Sell times at select Albertsons and Tom Thumb locations. More information coming soon. 

Why is the Scout Saver Guide so exciting? 

  • The Scout Saver app will have thousands of local & national offers that can be used in over 10,000 cities throughout North America. This allows the ability for Scouts to sell to family members or loved ones that live outside of their local area
  • Since the Scout Saver app is available on your mobile device, you will always have your offers with you
  • Units can use the offers on the Scout Saver app for out of state dining on Summer Camp or High Adventures trips
  • Better value offers – 2-for-1 and 50% off

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Please contact your District Scout Saver Chair or your District Executive

2022 Northern Scout Saver Card Sample

2022 Southern Scout Saver Card Sample