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June 25, 2020, by Victor Rivera

Scout Executive John Coyle Announces Retirement

June 25, 2020



After more than 40 years as a professional Scouter, I have decided the time has come for me to retire. While I will miss you, my wife, Kathleen, and I are looking forward to moving onto the next stage of our lives. We plan to make Florida our retirement home.

I have really enjoyed the last nine years of my career working with you as your Scout Executive. Working with you, we have made a significant, positive difference in the lives of thousands of youth in our community. Our work together will have a long-lasting impact on the communities that we serve.

And thanks to you, we have made many improvements to our summer camps, such as the new archery range at Sid Richardson Scout Ranch, the showers at all our camps, and the brand-new archery and shooting ranges at Camp Tahuaya, which just opened last week.

Scouting in the Longhorn Council has a bright future. As I told the Executive Board earlier this week, our volunteers have a great passion, and we are very blessed that you are willing to share your time and talents. I am confident the Council will continue with great success.

It has been my privilege and honor to get to know and work with so many wonderful volunteer and professional Scouters here in the Longhorn Council. While I will miss you and though my passion for Scouting continues to burn brightly, Kathleen and I look forward to the next adventure of our lives.

I have set my retirement date as July 31st. Because of the PTO I have built up, my last day in the office will be Tuesday, June 30th . I wish I could have given you more notice, but the Council Executive Board meeting was just this week, and I’m sure you understand I needed to present my plans to them first. I am sad the pandemic will prevent me from getting to spend more time visiting with you as I depart, but I know you are in good hands.

Adiós amigos. I wish you all the best.




John Coyle
Council Scout Executive


13 responses to “Scout Executive John Coyle Announces Retirement”

  1. Joe says:

    Congratulations John, it was a pleasure to work for LHC during your leadership.

  2. Arturo Canizares says:

    Congratulations John. We are going to miss you, te vamos a extrañar. Thank you for everything you did for the Lonhorn Council.

  3. Jeff Goldsmith says:

    Congratulations John on a well deserved retirement!

  4. John Gardner says:

    Congratulations, John. All the best for your retirement.

  5. Martin Walsh says:

    All the best on your new adventures! Congratulations on a career of service thru the Boy Scouts of America!

  6. Rick Williamson says:

    Congratulations on a great career John! Best wishes as you enter this new phase of your life!

  7. Harold Keller says:

    Congratulations on 40 years of service and a well deserved retirement John!

  8. Vince Cozzone says:

    Congratulations John on a great career and leaving a legacy of service to youth, families, volunteers and career scouters. Wishing you and your family all the best in your new adventure

  9. H. Miller Richert, M.D. says:

    Congrats John. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you & getting to do the visitations to your camps. Hope Florida is all you look forward to.

  10. R. Chip Turner says:

    John, congratulations upon your retirement.

  11. John Clark says:

    Congratulations Enjoy the years to come!

  12. Dennis Kohl says:

    Congratulations John
    Let me know your new contact information

  13. Bob Myers says:

    Congratulations John! You have done great things for youth in many areas! Welcome to retirement!