World Jamboree

Many parents want their kids to have a semester abroad during college—this is an equal if not better experience, costs much less and they won’t need a passport!  This is like living in the Olympic Village—but our village is 4 times larger than that with MANY more countries there!  For the money this may be the best investment a parent can make in their child.
Ellie Morrison, Troop 308, Waco, Texas

The World Scout Jamboree is an experience of a lifetime.  Click here for the awesome new WSJ video page!

In 2019, Scouts from the United States will have an opportunity to camp with thousands of Scouts from around the world without the cost of international travel.  The 24th World Scout Jamboree will take place at the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virginia from July 21 to August 2, 2019.  Transportation to and from the jamboree is included.

Participation is open to eligible youth (age 14 – 17), unit leaders (18 and older) and International Service Teams (IST) who serve as Jamboree Staff (18 and older).

The World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) is the largest event organized by the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), with up to 40,000 Scouts from more than 150 countries around the World.

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The focus is on meeting people from different cultures and countries and doing jamboree and high adventure activities. You will have plenty of opportunities to zip-line, kayak, and ride mountain bikes, and even more opportunities to meet new friends and learn what Scouting and life is like in other countries.

Longhorn Council Scouts rafting Lower Keeney Rapid on the New River Gorge during their 2017 National Jamboree trip.

Who can attend the World Scout Jamboree?

If you want to attend as a participant, you must be between the age of 14 and 18 (born between July 22, 2001 and July 21, 2005 (no exceptions). Adults over the age of 18 can serve on the International Service Team (IST) and as unit leaders. All participants, unit leaders and IST must be members of the Boy Scouts of America. The WSJ Contingent is open to all Boy Scouts and Venturers who meet the age requirement. In addition, Scouts must meet the physical requirements for attending the Summit Bechtel Reserve, found on the Summit Health Form.

The Longhorn Council is sending youth and adults participants in two WSJ Scout Troops (each with 36 Scouts and 4 leaders) and one Venture Crew (with 36 Venturers and 4 leaders). Girls can attend with the Venture Crew.

Selection of adult leaders for the WSJ Troops and Crew will be done by the Southern Region WSJ Team. All Adults who register, pay their deposit, and are approved by their council will be added to the adult Waiting list and queued for selection. In selecting leaders the Southern Region WSJ Team will give priority consideration to Scouters who have recruited a patrol or group of youth to attend WSJ, and who have their Council’s and their district’s approval and unqualified recommendation. Scouters who are local direct contact unit leaders will also get a priority consideration for unit leader positions. Leaders who are not selected for Troop leadership positions will be encouraged to apply for a Staff position on the International Service Teams (IST).


Meet thousands of Scouts from around the world without the cost of international travel!  Note: Applicants who submit a $250 deposit by January 31, 2018 and make all additional payments on time will have a $100 discount applied to their last payment.

Participants and Leaders
The participant and unit leader fee includes registration for the Jamboree, meals at the Jamboree, tents, and patrol and cooking gear. The fees also covers travel expenses (including food) between “Hub City” and the Jamboree. The Hub for participants from the Longhorn Council will likely be DFW. Applicants will be responsible for the costs to get themselves to and from the “Hub” location. There is no tour.

Early Bird Discount*  $2400.  (register by Jan 31, 2018)

Regular Fee:                 $2500

International Service Team (IST) – Staff

The IST fee includes registration for the Jamboree, meals at the Jamboree, tents, and patrol and cooking gear, but does not include transportation to and from the Jamboree.The World Jamboree Organizers (Host) will provide transportation to and from a limited number of Gateways to the jamboree site. Those Gateway locations are identified as Yeager Airport in Charleston, WV, Charlotte/Douglas International Airport in Charlotte, NC, the AMTRAK station in Prince, WV, and the Ruby Welcome Center in Mt. Hope, WV.

IST Early Bird Discount*    $1,700

IST Regular Fee                    $1,800

For questions, contact:
WSJ Chairman Tom Lucas:
Camping Registrar: 817-231-8537.

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