2021 National Jamboree

Registration now open for BSA’s main event!
Register Now for the 2021 National Jamboree

Every 4 years 30,000-40,000 Scouts and adults from all over the USA come together with 6000 volunteer staff at the most action packed Scouting event in the world: the Boy Scouts of America’s National Jamboree. Every Council in the USA sends a contingent of Scouts to the jamboree. It’s the pinnacle Scouting experience – BSA’s flagship event! Sign up now to be a part of this incredible Scouting experience!

Longhorn Council’s Jamboree Committee will send several Jamboree contingent Troops and Crews to attend in 2021 Jamboree, each unit with leaders carefully selected by the committee. Our units will be formed from High Adventure trek-sized groups of  8 youth and 2 adults. Scouts BSA male contingent Troops, Scouts BSA female contingent Troops, and  Venturing contingent Crews will each be 8 youth and adults. Space is limited, so reserve now!

The National Jamboree is held at The Summit Bechtel Reserve located at the New River Gorge National River in West Virginia. It’s 10 HUGE days of fun, Scouting activities, and adventure, with big stadium shows, 50+ merit badge booths, dragon boat races, whitewater rafting, scuba, ATVs, patch trading, and military displays! Plus the world’s 3rd largest Shooting Sports facility (with 233 shooting stations, 116 archery stations and Trap shooting, Five-stand, Steel Targets, pistols, long distance rifles, 3D archery, sporting arrows, and more), and the world’s 2nd largest BMX bike track and skate board park! And there’s over 50 mountain bike trails, 125 climbing stations, 100 bouldering stations, 6 challenge courses, 56 canopy tour stations (zip lines, bridges, cables, and rappels in the tree tops), and 5.4 miles of zip lines including the 3/4 mile Big Zip!

Scroll down to check out the Jamboree programs in the latest Summit video shorts!

2021 National Jamboree Participant Qualifications

Youth Participant Qualifications

  • MUST have a current BSA membership.
  • MUST be at least 12 years of age by the first day of the Jamboree but has not reached their 18th birthday by the last day of the Jamboree.
  • Be approved by the unit leader and local council.
  • MUST have appropriate parent/guardian to complete the online parental consent. (An email will be sent to the parent/guardian during the application process.)
  • Participate in pre-Jamboree training experience with local council and unit leader.
  • Submitted BSA Annual Health & Medical Record using the on-line Jamboree submission process. The AHMR must be dated on or after July 1, 2020.
  • Submit all registrations fees per the local council’s payment schedule.

Jamboree Leader Qualifications

  • All jamboree Scoutmasters/Advisors/Skippers and first-, second-, and third-assistant leaders must meet the following requirements:
  • Possess a current BSA membership with a Scouts BSA Troop, Venturing Crew, Exploring Post or Sea Scout Ship.
  • Scoutmasters/Advisors/Skippers and first assistant Scoutmasters/Advisors/ Skippers must be at least 21 years old by the first day of the jamboree.
  • Second assistant Scoutmasters/Advisors/Skippers must be at least 18 years of age by the first day of the jamboree.
  • Third assistant Scoutmasters/Advisors/Skippers must be at least 18 years old by the first day of the jamboree. Councils may select an adult over 21, if necessary.
  • Scoutmaster/Advisor/Skipper applicants must be currently serving as a Scoutmaster/Advisor/Skipper.
  • All Assistant leaders must be currently serving in a unit in an adult leadership position.
  • Scoutmaster/Advisor/Skipper applicants must have completed leader-specific training.
  • All Adult leaders must file a jamboree personal health and medical record.
  • All adult leaders must be approved by the local council.
  • All adult leaders must submit all registration fees per their local council’s payment schedule.
  • BSA Youth Protection Training must be current through the last day of the Jamboree.

Jamboree STAFF Qualifications

  • Have a current BSA membership or international equivalent.
  • Complete Youth Protection training for both Scouts BSA and Venturing programs (two separate courses) within one year of jamboree. All Service Team Members must complete regardless of age.
  • Be able to arrive on-site at the jamboree up to one week before the jamboree (as deemed necessary by the service director over the area selected to serve).
  • Be at least 16 years of age by the first day of the jamboree.
  • Submit all registration fees online per the published payment schedule.
  • Complete any jamboree-specific training, as deemed necessary by the service director of the area selected to serve.
  • File a BSA Annual Health and Medical Record. Instructions to submit the record will be published online by mid-2020.
  • Meet the medical requirements.

2021 Jamboree Registration

Jamboree registration is open on a first-come first-served basis to all currently registered Scouting youth ages 12 and up who meet the 2021 Jamboree Participant Qualifications.
Register Now for the 2021 National Jamboree

2021 Jamboree Participant Fees

The Jamboree Participant fee will consist of:

  1. BSA National Jamboree Fee, which covers all meals, camping gear (tents, dining flies, cooking gear, etc.), insurance, etc. at the Jamboree.
    1. Youth and Adult Participants – 7/21/2021-7/30/2021 – $1,175
  2. Transportation Costs
    1. Buses or flights, and related travel meals;
      1. Costs are TBA.
      2. estimated to be in the $400 – $600 range.
  3. Longhorn Council Contingent Costs for T-shirts, packs, neckerchiefs, patches, etc., and food & supplies for the mandatory council contingent training encampments.
    1. Costs are TBA.
    2. estimated to be in the $200-$300 range.
  4. Click on the red button to register (then scroll down to the middle of the registration page).

Additional costs for participants will be personal equipment purchases needed for the trip (sleeping bags, hiking boots, etc.), patches for trading, and spending money for the trip.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change if (and only if) transportation and tour costs rise significantly as the Jamboree approaches.

2021 Jamboree Service Team (STAFF) Fees

  1. STAFF Fees: all food and lodging at the Jamboree site is provided as part of the Staff fee.
    1. Jamboree Service Team, Staff Session 1 – 7/17-7/24 – $500
    2. Jamboree Service Team, Staff Session 2 – 7/24-7/31 – $500
    3. Jamboree Service Team, Staff Session 3 – 7/17-7/31 – $895
    4. Young Adult Jamboree Service Team (16-25 y.o.) – 7/17-7/31 – $450
  2. STAFF Transportation.  Jamboree Service Team provide their own transportation.
  3. Click on the red button to register for STAFF (then scroll down to the middle of the registration page).

Register Now for the 2021 National Jamboree

For more information, contact the Longhorn Council at [email protected].

2021 Jamboree VIDEOS

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