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December 4, 2019, by Victor Rivera

Popcorn Top Sellers Update, save this Star Wars movie date 12/21/2019

Good afternoon Longhorn Council Popcorn Kernels, Leaders, Parents, and Friends!

This is your friendly LHC Director of Marketing and Communications, Victor Rivera, with a quick Popcorn Top Sellers Update.

First, let me thank you all, on behalf of Longhorn Council, for a fantastic 2019 Popcorn Sale.  We exceeded our goals and we are still tabulating the final sales number.  We are also crunching numbers to come up with the 2019 Top 100-115 sellers who will get a chance to attend an exclusive showing of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.”  The top 100-115 sellers plus 1 guest (parent) will attend this special movie.

We are pending a few units’ payments and allocation of sales to Scouts on the Trails End App.  Remember that if payments are not made and popcorn sales credit to the Scouts is not completed on the App, we will have no way of knowing if your Scouts are top sellers.  Please contact [email protected] with any invoice questions that are not clear on your Trails End popcorn dashboard.  We want to have the final top sellers list completed by this Friday, December 6, 2019.

Back to the fun stuff:  SAVE THIS DATE if you are a Scout who sold at least $2,500

Saturday, December 21, 2019 before 12 PM 

We will have full details in a few days but we are aiming for about 10:00 AM at AMC Lake Worth 14 Theatres in Fort Worth.

Here is some helpful rewards and popcorn prizes information for all units:

To receive Amazon Rewards, payment has to be made to council, then Kathy approves it and releases prizes, then the Scout receives the rewards directly within 7 days. (Make checks payable to Longhorn Council and pay at any LHC office.  Cash and checks are best, credit card transactions will be assessed a 5% fee.)

Patches and $5.00 gift cards will be handled by the LHC Scout Shops and we are working with them to get the best process in place.  Please don’t contact them at this point.  We will have announce when those items are ready.  Check with your District Executive if you have further questions on this.

Thank you.


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