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November 5, 2021, by Kevin Wassie

2021 Longhorn Council Photo Contest

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General Information

  • The photo contest is open to all Scouts and adult leaders who are currently registered with the Longhorn Council, Boy Scouts of America.
  • Photo submissions will compete in one of two categories:
    • Scouts in Action: A photo that showcases Scouts, Adult Leaders, parents, and/or community members engaged in a Scouting activity.
    • The Beauty of Camp: A photo taken at a Longhorn Council Property that focuses on nature or landscape.
  • Youth and Adult photo submissions will be judged separately.
  • Participants may only submit 1 photo per category (maximum of 2 total photo submissions per person), so choose your best photo. The same photos cannot compete in both categories.
  • A first and second place photo will receive recognition in each category and each age group (youth and adult) for a total of 8 prizes.
  • All photos are requited to have been taken during the 2021 calendar year.
  • The Longhorn Council reserves the right to disqualify any images from the contest that do not meet our community standards.

Photo Submission

  • All submissions must be received by 11:59PM on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.
  • Scout submissions should be sent by a parent, guardian, or registered adult leader. If a Scout sends in a submission, a parent, guardian, or registered adult leader must be included on the correspondence.


  • Photos will be posted to the Longhorn Council Facebook page on Wednesday, December 1, 2021.
  • Submissions that meet the criteria above will be shared in a photo album that corresponds to the category and age group
  • Individual photos will earn points using the following criteria: 1 Point for each like/reaction, 5 points for each share. The two photos in each category and age group with the most points at the close of voting will be recognized. Only Likes and Shares on the original photo post will be counted.
  • Voting will end at 11:59 PM on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

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