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November 27, 2020, by Victor Rivera

Pay It Forward with #FlatCubbie #FlatDybbie and #FlatScoutie

Say hello to Flat Cubbie, Flat Dybbie, and Flat Scoutie! They are members of the Cub Scout family, and they want to join your Pack, too! The holidays are always more fun with friends. They’re pretty cool Cub Scouts who even have their own hashtags! #FlatCubbie, #FlatScoutie and #FlatDybbie. I’ll bet you’re wondering about the spelling of Flat DYBbie’s name. It is a play on the Cub Scout slogan, Do Your Best (DYB).

If you are following the Pack and Den Resources, the theme for December is the Sixth Point of the Scout Law – Kind. Cub Scouts know the importance of treating others as they want to be treated. Although it is nice when someone does something kind for you, it is even more rewarding to do something kind for someone else—without expecting anything in return!







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