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March 5, 2021, by Victor Rivera

Outdoor Program Committee and Task Force

Dear Longhorn Council Scouting Family,

We want to share an important project that has kicked-off with the purpose of making our Longhorn Council camps and outdoor programs a better experience in the immediate future and for generations to come.  A team of staff and volunteers has begun the assessment and visitation process and we will need your input as well.  We aim to update you as we go along, and we’ll ask for your feedback so that we can improve what we do. 

We will share our updates on our LHC website NEWS section and social media platforms.  We will place these communications in a channel where you can always refer to at your convenience.  You may also  receive notifications if you so choose.  If you choose to keep track of messages, click here to see the Outdoor Program Committee and Task Force IHUB channel.  You can log in to receive notifications or just scroll down and visit at your convenience with no logins.

We will have another update for you next week. 

OPC & Task Force

#WeAreLonghornCouncil  #OPCTaskForce

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