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June 1, 2020, by Victor Rivera

New Venturing Officers Association President for 2020-2021 Term Announced

The Longhorn Council Venturing Officers Association has announced that Christian Kilburn is the new VOA President for the 20-21 term.

As posted and announced by our LHC VOA:

We are proud to Announce the new VOA President for the 2020-2021 term Christian Kilburn. He is looking for dedicated Venturers to become Officers for his term, and the following are a few words from our new VOA President:

Hello, I am Christian Kilburn I have been active in Venturing since 2018 with Crew 205, I am working on my Eagle rank and my Discovery and Pathfinder award. I am eager to see what we can accomplish this year!

My goals for my Term as President are to:

1. Get more people involved with the VOA, through discussing with Roundtables and Presidents/Advisors of Crews in our council.

2. Have the VOA stand as a support to enhance Crews activity’s by providing a way to advertise for Crews activity’s on a Council scale enhancing the Crew experience.

3. Better Communication to and from the VOA, through a VOA website, the council website and advertisement of the VOA throughout the council’s activity’s.


Congratulations Christian.

We are confident you will do great.

To join or for more information on the LHC Venturing program, please visit:

Join Venturing



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