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July 26, 2019, by Victor Rivera

Military Benefits Through Popcorn Sale

The Longhorn Council popcorn sale benefits our military year-after-year in the form of tasty treats for our brave men and women.  I see this as a “win-win-win situation.”  Scouts who sell popcorn often get “Military Donations” which means a brave soldier gets a snack, that is “Win #1.”  The Scout who made the sale gets money to pay their own way in Scouting, “Win #2.”  Finally, “Win #3” is because Longhorn Council receives a small portion of the sale.  At least 73% goes back to Scouting so we can all feel good about buying and eating popcorn.

So, remember to do your patriotic duty this fall and support our sale in any way you can, by selling, buying, or eating Trails End popcorn.  If you are a member of a popcorn-selling unit I will list a few helpful web links below.  After that you will find a positive “Military/Scout Popcorn Story” from Bryan Wendell’s Blog “Bryan On Scouting” which is featured on

Our regular popcorn page inside


Thank you for helping support our military and our youth.  Happy selling and buying during our 2019 Longhorn Council popcorn sale.

Now, let’s go back in time and look at a story featured in “Bryan On Scouting” February 25, 2019, titled “Scouts from Orange County Council donate $58,710 worth of popcorn to military.”

Scouts Donate Popcorn to Military

When a potential popcorn customer says no, savvy Scouts make a follow-up pitch: “How about sending a bag of Scout popcorn to the troops?”

It’s a great way to support two quintessential American institutions: the Boy Scouts of America and the U.S. military.

This month, Scouts and Scouters from the BSA’s Orange County Council delivered a taste of home to the men and women of our nation’s armed forces.

It came in the form of Scout popcorn — exactly $58,710 worth of salty and sweet treats sent to these brave Americans.

Each bag was donated by a member of the community who made the purchase in addition to, or instead of, buying something for themselves.

Here’s how the Scouts, adult volunteers and members of the community got it done.

Making the pitch

During the council’s popcorn season, which runs from September through November, packs, troops and crews sell popcorn to raise money for Scouting. They set up at storefronts, go door-to-door, and take order forms to Mom or Dad’s place of work.

Scouts and Venturers give potential customers the option to donate popcorn to the troops, as well.

It’s clear that support for the military is high in Orange County, Calif. Members of the community purchased nearly $60,000 in popcorn for brave strangers they may never meet.

Delivering the goods

With all that popcorn boxed and ready to go, the council called on Scouts to help deliver the goods. Scouts from Troop 658 and Troop 28 represented the entire council during the event, held Feb. 13 at the Orange County Council Service Center in Santa Ana, Calif.

They presented $18,720 worth of popcorn to soldiers at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.

The remaining $39,990 will be shipped overseas.




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