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July 7, 2020, by Victor Rivera

Merit Badge Requirements for Swimming and Lifesaving Completed by 85 Local Scouts

Many of us read the “Scouts In Action” features inside Boy’s Life Magazine.  Every month acts of heroism are recognized after being vetted by the National BSA Court of Honor.

Scouts staying calm while using the skills learned or polished in their Swimming and Lifesaving Merit Badge courses is especially impressive.  Accidents involving water can happen to anyone at anytime so it is comforting to know that our local Scouts are doing their best to learn how to help others during such times.

Recently, 85 of our local Scouts completed their Merit Badge requirements for Swimming and Lifesaving at our Longhorn Council Facilities. Even more impressive is the fact that they accomplished this in under two hours with selfless volunteer Lifeguards on hand.  A special thanks to Bill Lewis, Mustang District Commissioner, BSA Aquatics Instructor, and Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 336 for helping to organize this event.

Mr. Lewis expressed his gratitude to these volunteer Lifeguards, “Thank you Lifeguards for volunteering your time on Saturday, June 27. You each did a great job!  Greatly appreciate all you did!”

Congratulations to the 85 Scouts and thank you to the Lifeguards and Bill Lewis for making this happen.

Scouting is a bit more challenging at the moment but together we can figure this out.  For updates, please stay plugged in to your District Executive, Unit Commissioner, visit our LHC Website News page  and visit our Council calendar


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