Matching and Volunteer Incentive Grants

Many companies generously match the personal contributions of employees. In almost all cases today, this requires you to initiate the action by notifying the HR department and requesting the match whenever your pledge has been paid. We are notified that a request has been made and asked to verify your paid contribution. We are happy to do that. Please note, this is a tax deductible gift from the company and will not show up on your end of the year contribution statement.

Volunteer Incentive Grants are another means to help fund the Longhorn Council. Companies frequently have a program to encourage employees to make contributions of time within the community. They will invest a monetary contribution to the charitable organization that you are volunteering for, again at your initiated request.

We realize many of you would like to have that gift made directly to your Pack or Troop. However, that usually can not occur. In the majority of cases the company has policies that disallow contributions to religious organizations and the great majority of our Packs, Troops, and Crews are chartered to churches. The BSA Charter Organization system means the unit takes on the tax status of its chartering organization. That gift cannot be sent to the LHC and then directed to your organization, most simply because of federal law that prohibits the “passing” or “washing” and intended contribution to one organization through Council books and then sent to another, unintended, recipient.

We hope you will still take advantage of these opportunities to ensure the Council meets its budgetary needs by directing the funding sources from these corporations and foundations to the Longhorn Council. It will ‘count’ toward the unit’s Friends of Scouting total raised in support of the Council and will be used to promote and expand the many services and programs for boys, leaders, and camps within the Council.

For a review of unit fund raising and regulation go to the Fund Raising Activities page and download the Unit Fundraising Guidelines and FAQ.