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March 30, 2020, by Victor Rivera

Longhorn Council Keep Scouting Moving Challenge

**Deadline Extended to the end of May 2020.  Please see the original post below.**

Longhorn Council Keep Scouting Moving Challenge

A 4-part challenge that can all be completed from our homes.


Part 1: Cyber Challenge

Part 2: Scouting Bingo Challenge

Part 3: 30-Day Scouting Challenge by Rank

Part 4: Strong and Healthy Challenge


Rewards will be patches and ribbons based on % participation from each unit.

70-79% of a unit participates Bronze award.

80-89% of a unit participates Silver award.

90-100% of a unit participates Gold award.

Special style and creativity awards.

Bonus point for those who do the above and beyond on how creative their submissions are.

This can help a unit move from Bronze to Silver or Silver to Gold award.

(Slight fee to units for rewards, more to come on that.)


A special email address for each part has been set up to submit entries.

(Submission instructions will be included in the challenges.)

Those will be released after 1 week has passed.

Questions can be submitted on the IHUB.  

This link below will take you to the “LHC Scouting From Home Challenge” IHUB channel.  (FYI- A channel  is a topic or subject on the IHUB.)


Part 1: The Cyber Challenge

Deadline: May 1, 2020

Submission Instructions:

Unit leaders please submit the roster of scouts who earned the items including date earned. It will also count if they earned it before September 1, 2019 forward. Make sure you have unit type, number, district and city included on your submission.

You can start submitting Part 1 on April 6, 2020 to email:

[email protected]

Bonus Opportunities: Pictures or Videos of items being completed. Picture collage of their certificates of completion…, get creative!

(Thank you to Buckeye Council Home Scouting and Ken Richards)


For Cub Scouts

Required Activities:

Optional Activities:



For Scouts BSA

Required Activities:

  • Complete the Cyber Chip requirement for your grade in school

Optional Activities:


For Crews and Ships

Required Activities:

Optional Activities:


For Parents & Leaders

Required Activities:

You don’t have to be a registered leader to take Youth Protection either.

Optional Activities:


Part 2: Scouting Bingo

Deadline: May 1, 2020

Submission Instructions:

Use one Score card below per Scout. Color in each square they complete. We also would like to get pictures and videos of the items being done. Be creative and maybe earn some bonus points. Please include a full roster on the email so we can calculate participation.

You can start submitting Part 2 on April 24, 2020 to email:

[email protected]

Scoring Information:

Units will earn credit for Straight lines, Diagonals, and Blackouts. No more than one item completed per day. They must be things completed after March 30, 2020. Then more completed the more bonus point earned

Note: Crews and Ships use the Scouts BSA Bingo card.

Track bingo squares submissions by using the number letter combination below.

(Thank you to Great Niagara Frontier Council.)


Adventure Bingo, Cub Scout Edition:



Adventure Bingo, Scouts BSA Edition:


Part 3:  30-Day Challenge by Rank

Deadline: May 1, 2020


Have scouts track completions, only one per day.

Keep documentation, pictures, or videos of completed activities until the submission process is set up. Use the number on each square to track what was completed Like Wolf #5 for day five of wolf challenge. They will have more than 30 days to complete but can only document one per day.

PDF’s of the 30-day challenges are found:

Cub Scout here.

Scout, Tenderfoot, 2nd Class, and 1sthere.

Star, Life, and Eagle do the 30Day Scouts BSA Challenge.

Challenges for Venture Crews.

Never to be left out, a Sea Scouts Challenge.

Note: Venturing has requested that Crews share adventure be shared on social media with #VENTURINGATHOME.

Submission Instructions: Units submit rosters with scout name, rank and the number of days completed by each scout’s name. Send photos or videos for bonus points. Remember the more creative you get the more extra points you receive.

You can start submitting Part 3 on April 30, 2020 to email:

[email protected]


This is an example of the Lion Cub version:

(Thank you to the Hawkeye Council and Ken Richards)


Part 4: Strong and Healthy Challenge

Deadline: May 1, 2020

Notes: This one will be a little harder and take pre-planning by the units.

Virtual meetings are required.

Complete the Scout Strong Challenge:

  • 9 virtual meetings with 15 minutes of exercise. (An exercise video can be sent to unit members and scouts honor to complete in lieu of everyone doing it online together. Pictures and videos count for extra points!)
  • 6 of those meetings everyone drinks water.
  • 3 of those meeting everyone has a healthy snack.

For extra Points earn the Scout Strong Med Wise. I attached handbook which can easily be shared on a video conference.

Information for both awards can be found here.

Submission Instructions: Send in a unit roster with names of the scouts that earned the awards. For Cub Scout the percentage will be counted as those scouts who earned it before May 1, 2020 but after September 1, 2019. For Troops, Crews, and Ships it counts

You can start Submitting Part 4 on May 2, 2020 to email:

[email protected]



Special Thanks to the Longhorn Council Activities Committee, led by Angela Vu, and our LHC Commissioners for helping us lead our #KeepScoutingMoving #VenturingAtHome and #ScoutingAtHome efforts.

We are all in this together so please don’t ever feel alone.

Reach for the phone and call a leader, a Commissioner, a District Executive, a new member- even if it is to say “hi.”


Thank you all!




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