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August 21, 2019, by Victor Rivera

Longhorn Council FWPD Explorer Receives Highest Recognition Award

Fort Worth Police Officer Rebecca Woodward was in tears yesterday after she was surprised by Fort Worth City Council and Longhorn Council’s Exploring Director, Monna Clayton, with the William H. Spurgeon III Award.

Officer Woodward works with our area’s youth as the Post Committee Chair (PCC) with Exploring Post 0511, sponsored and chartered by the Fort Worth Police Department.  Exploring is a co-ed program that has been around for 70 years and is going strong.  Some are surprised to find out that Exploring is a program under the Boy Scouts of America umbrella.  Like Scouts, the Explorers have a passion for what they do and selfless adult leaders and volunteers leading the way.

“It was quite humbling to receive the recognition as well as the unexpected William H. Spurgeon III Award for myself.  My primary goals are to diligently continue working with the youth of our communities helping them find their path in life while assisting them attentively as they transition into adults and find jobs within our City of Fort Worth family, said Woodward.” 

The William H. Spurgeon III Award is the highest recognition award in the Exploring program for adult leaders for their service in support of the program at the local and national level.

Monna Clayton would like to thank the Fort Worth City Council, especially Assistant City Manager Fernando Costa, Mayor Betsy Price, along with Chief of Police Edwin Kraus, and all the Explorers who attended in support of Officer Woodward.  “I also asked that it be a surprise and believe me she was totally surprised. She cried the entire time when she spoke at the microphone.”

Leaders such as Monna Clayton are helping the Exploring program grow in our area.  There are several career fields represented in Exploring that our youth can join.  You can locate this FWPD Explorers or other Exploring Posts or Clubs easily- Learn more about this program here:



We look forward to these youth doing great things in our community in the years to come.  We thank Officer Woodward and Explorer Post 0511, Monna Clayton, and Longhorn Council Volunteers for their service.

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