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September 4, 2020, by Victor Rivera

LHC Scouting Alum Tells How Scouting Helped Him Succeed at West Point

A Wonderful Note to our local BSA Council & Why the LHC is Driving Scouting Forward!

Arthur Velishka was one of many successful Longhorn Council’s Scouts who worked hard in Troop 222. He earned his Eagle Scout Award in 2014.  Flash forward a couple of years after Arthur’s success in the Council’s Aquatic School and today we find him at West Point—and of all things, using his training to teach others in the water polo group.

LHC Aquatics School quickly taught Arthur how a career, as well as a life built on Scouting’s rigorous, yet fun training, experiences and know-how could someday help make his military career succeed. No matter how many kids become successful adults, only a few, however, ever send back letters to their former leaders to let everyone know why Scouting is still so important. Here is that letter addressed to Jason Wright, Aquatic School Anchorman, class `89, Aquatic School Chairman, and LHC Vice President of Outdoor Program.

Good evening Sir,

My name is Arthur Velishka and I am currently a Cadet at the United States Military Academy. I went to Aquatic School a little while back as a part of the Good Ship Resolute!

Earning the Anchorman award and attending the school as a whole was single handedly the most important part of my scouting career. The reason I am reaching out to you tonight is because it still has impact today and I wanted to highlight that to you so that you and your staff can continue to enable scouts to succeed in scouting and in their future as leaders.

Each Cadet at USMA has to take and pass survival swimming. I play Water Polo here so I am in the advanced section, but many of my peers are in the lowest level class because they have not touched water once. Some of those peers will end up failing swimming and being separated from the Academy due to it.

At Aquatic School, many lessons are learned, but the one I still carry with me to this day, is how to teach a non-swimmer how to swim. I will always have an appreciation for that portion of the school as I continue to help others succeed in an area where they have little to no confidence.

If there is anything I can do for your program, or for any scouts you come in contact with, with relation to West Point, please do not hesitate to ask.

Hope all is well in the Longhorn Council. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!


Very respectfully,

Arthur B. Velishka
Class of 2023
Go Army Water Polo!

We have asked Jason Wright to expand on Arthur’s success and the LHC Aquatic School.

Graduating from Aquatic School is no small task as Scouts don’t earn the Aquatic School patch simply for attending. At 14 years-old, Arthur not only graduated from Aquatic School, he graduated with honors earning the Anchorman Award. We are extremely proud of Arthur’s accomplishments and we’re thrilled to see him utilizing the skills he learned at Aquatic School to help others. Arthur is a great example of what Scouting can give a young person.

Aquatic School has been a transformative experience for Scouts since 1954. By focusing on the Four Goals of Aquatic School, 1) Leadership Development, 2) Skill Proficiency, 3) Instructor Training, and 4) Time Management, we help Scouts hone their skills and become better instructors and leaders in their unit and community. I attended Aquatic School over thirty years ago and it was by far one of the most meaningful experiences of my Scouting career. In addition, the bonds formed are often long-lasting, I’m still friends today with Scouts I met at Aquatic School.

Aquatic School graduates can be found leading all over. The current Longhorn Council Lodge Chief, and Lodge Chief-Elect are Aquatic School graduates. In addition, the current Sea Scout National Boatswain and National Yeoman are Aquatic School graduates. Aquatic School graduates have held multiple leadership positions in councils, areas, and regions throughout the country. Look no further than to the testimonials of Scouts and parents to understand why Aquatic School is different.

Jason Wright
Aquatic School Anchorman, class `89
Aquatic School Chairman
LHC Vice President of Outdoor Program

Aquatic School 2021 will be held at Worth Ranch, July 18-24, 2021. Sign up before January 15th and receive $20 off and be entered to win free admission!

We want to say “thanks” to his mom, Tiffany Velishka, for providing one of her favorite Eagle Scout pictures to us. 

Cadet Velishka helped us learn about the perks of joining the military as an Eagle Scout.  He mentioned that, “enlisting as an Eagle Scout will have you enter as E-3 earning $516+ per month.”

“When entering the academy you are the rank of CDT, then graduate as a commissioned officer. Enlisting does not require the college degree associated with USMA, or an ROTC program.”

We salute you, Cadet Arthur Velishka not only for your hard work, and putting your skills to work in our military, but that you took the time to share your success story. Thank you.


Tom Kirkhart  | Vice President, Marketing
Boy Scouts of America Longhorn Council
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Hurst, Texas  76054-3191
P 817-231-8500  |  F 817-231-8600

Victor Rivera  |  Director of Marketing and Communications
Boy Scouts of America Longhorn Council
[email protected]
850 Cannon Drive  |  P.O. Box 54190
Hurst, Texas  76054-3191
P 817-231-8500  |  F 817-231-8600






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