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February 11, 2021, by Victor Rivera

Klondike Derby moved to Saturday, March 6, 2021

Klondike Derby has moved to Saturday, March 6, 2021

The new date for LHC Klondike Derby is Saturday, March 6, 2021.


Hello fellow Scouters,

We have been monitoring the weather closely.  This weekend’s temperatures are going to drop below 20 degrees with the chance of sleet and snow.  This will cause a potential danger traveling to-and-from camp as well as pose hypothermia danger amongst the participants.

Moving forward, we have collectively decided to postpone the Klondike Derby to Saturday, March 6th.  We expect much better weather during that first weekend in March.

If you and your unit are unable to attend the new date, reach out to the camping registrar for further details.

Take advantage of this situation by talking to your unit about a scenario for prepping for a campout during this weather.  Discuss the importance of water, clothing, fire building, and knowledge of first aid.

We recommend that all units stay in and prevent the temptation of camping this weekend.

Stay safe and warm this weekend.


Yours in Scouting Service,

Chris DeRose  |  Program Executive

Boy Scouts of America

[email protected]

O: 817-231-8515  C: 407-913-9137

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