Prepared. FOR LIFE.


Success in life often comes down to making the best of any situation. Scouting hands kids situations, and shows them how to make the best of them. It shows them how to build their own shelter in a hailstorm so they will know how to build a solid life afterward. Whether it’s through navigating the world of computer programming, gathering food donations or figuring out how to lead a group through the woods with a map and compass, Scouting helps kids realize what they’re truly capable of.

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It's Go Time For over 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America has worked with parents across the country to teach character, confidence, and integrity to the next generation. The lessons learned and relationships built in Scouting have been instrumental in the lives of millions of business, civic, and community leaders for generations. It's time to experience what Scouting can do for your child. Sign up for Scouting