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September 23, 2014

The need for Scouting in the Indian Nations District

Every single boy deserves the opportunity to “Do their Best” and “Be Prepared”. Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are life changing programs that can have long lasting effects on our community and Nation as a whole. The key to giving boys the opportunity to experience Scouts is to make sure that each and every Elementary and Middle school in your community has at least received flyers inviting boys to join your Pack or Troop. Parents don’t feel that their sons have been asked to join Scouting unless they receive 7 different forms of marketing. The council will provide your unit with flyers, yard signs, stickers and posters in order to help recruit boys. The units that have the most success recruiting boys use those tools and also work with the PTA/PTO, School Liaison’s and School counselors to help get the word out to parents. The time is now and the Indian Nations District has a goal to recruit 300 boys this fall.