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November 3, 2020, by Victor Rivera

Important Reminder: 2020 Recharter and Journey To Excellence Turn-In

Friendly reminder from our LHC Commissioner, Ken Gordon, about 2020 Recharter and 2020 Journey To Excellence (JTE) turn-ins.

Along with your re-charter we ask that you turn in your 2020 Journey to Excellence form and answer a few questions to the best of your abilities to support the Longhorn Council. To ease the process for you, we have made two online surveys that we ask you complete by December 15, 2020.



2 responses to “Important Reminder: 2020 Recharter and Journey To Excellence Turn-In”

  1. Victor Rivera says:

    Please email our LHC Registrar [email protected]
    Thank you.

  2. Tom Lorkowski says:

    Both forms require the “Unit Number” to be a number only – our Troop is a female unit with the same number as our male unit… Is there a way to change your form to allow the “G” and “B” notation [which I believe is part of all unit numbers even if they don’t have a male/female counterpart]?