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April 20, 2020, by Victor Rivera

How to make a Duct Tape Wallet and two fun mental challenges from BL

Even though #ScoutingAtHome is going well for Longhorn Council and several others, we sure do miss the camaraderie of face-to-face meetings and activities.

We are all eager to get “back to normal” and resume our in-person Scouting activities, but for now, online meetings will have to do.

Be sure you are taking part in our #LHCKeepScoutingMovingChallenge <<click to view more details on that<<.

(RECENT UPDATE regarding the LHC Keep Scouting Moving Challenge:  Our LHC Activities Committee extended the deadline to the end of May 2020.)

If you are looking for a few more activities, we have 1 hands-on project and 2 brain exercises by Boys’ Life.

The hands-on project is the duct tape wallet.

Boys’ Life has a cool “How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet” article which you can see by clicking below:

How to Make a Duct-Tape Wallet


The two remaining mental challenges or brain exercises only take a few minutes each.

Test yourself by clicking the two links below:

Can You Spot 30 Hidden Animals in These Photos?


9 Optical Illusions to Confuse Your Brain


In a previous Longhorn Council NEWS article we told you how to get free Boys’ Life issues:

Learn how, click below:

Boys’ Life just released an entire year of issues on their app


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