Scout Saver fundraiser

We want to thank our top-selling units for their input on how to make this fundraiser better for the units and Scouts.

Our Spring fundraiser formerly known as “Camp Cards” is now the Scout Saver fundraiser.

Order form – 2020 Scout Saver  <<<click here for fillable form <<<

Something new is coming for our Spring Fundraiser!

Say Goodbye to Camp Cards & Hello to Scout Saver Tri-Folds! 

What is the Scout Saver fundraiser? 

The Scout Saver fundraiser will be an “Entertainment Savers Guide” Tri-fold with 12 offers of a mix of national & local vendors plus a code for the Scout Saver App to unlock access to thousands of 2-for-1 & 50% offers to use in over 10,00 cities throughout North America. This is a $36 value for $10! The offers are a great mix of retail, dining, automotive services, entertainment, & much more.


Who will be the vendors for the 12 offers on the Tri-fold?

Besides the thousands of cities and offers we also get 12 local “North” and 12 local “South” businesses which will help these Tri-folds sell.

Here is a snap-shot of the North and South vendors on our Scout Saver Tri-folds.

NORTH (12 local vendors)


SOUTH (12 local vendors)


When will the program run? 

Just like Camp Cards, the Scout Saver program will begin in February & end in May 2020. Units will be able to start selling when they want to and can sell past the deadline if needed.  Most vendor offers on the App are good through 2020.  Payment for distributed Tri-folds is due to the Longhorn Council by 6/6/2020 in the amount of $5.00 per card sold.


How much does the Scout Saver cost & what is the pricing structure? 

Just like Camp Cards, the Scout Saver retail price is $10 & your Unit will earn a $5 profit for each one sold. Below is a breakdown of the pricing structure.

  • $5 Unit Sales Profit
  • $3 Council funding for support materials & inventory expense
  • $2 up front Tri-fold cost (payable to vendor upon delivery by Council)

When will pre-order start? 

Pre-orders are now available & training will be held on January 25, 2020 at the Hurst Longhorn Council office from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.

When will Tri-folds be available for pick up?

Saturday, January 25, 2020 after the training session.  Training session is scheduled from 9:30 am to 10:3 am.

Your February 2020 District Roundtable will also be used for Tri-fold pick ups.

Can I return my unsold Scout Savers?

One thing that will be different with this fundraiser is that unsold/unregistered cards can be returned but they will include a $2 re-inventory fee per card payable to Longhorn Council.

*This fee was suggested by the top-selling units during our October planning meeting.

If I order a small amount at first & need more, can I get additional inventory? 

Yes. Units will pre-order cards & be able to re-order to supply their selling needs throughout the campaign season (re-orders could take up to 3 weeks to fulfill from the vendor if not in Council stock)


Why is this a better value than Camp Cards? 

  • The Scout Saver App will have thousands of local & national offers that can be used in over 10,000 cities throughout North America. This allows the ability for Scouts to sell to family members or loved ones that live outside of their local area
  • Since the Scout Saver App is available on your mobile device, you will always have your offers with you
  • Units can use the offers on the Scout Saver App for out of state dining on Summer Camp or High Adventures trips
  • Better value offers – 2-for-1 and 50% off

Will there be Show and Sale Sign-Ups? 

Show and Sale location sign-ups will not be provided by Council. Units are responsible for contacting local businesses to make arrangements.


What about marketing materials?

Point of Sale materials/banners will be developed. More details to come.


Who should I contact if I have questions about the program? 

Please contact your District Scout Saver Coach or District Executive with any questions.

Thank you for your support!

The Scout Saver program is a great way to help your Scouts pay their way Scouting Activities!

Please reach out to your District Executive or Development Director, Dietz Froehlich

[email protected]

P: 817.231.8550  |  F: 817.231.8600


*The completed order form seen at the top of this page and again here

>Order form – 2020 Scout Saver<<click here for fillable order form<<

should be emailed to: [email protected]


To share success stories and get up-to-date LHC Scout Saver Tri-fold updates, please visit

the Longhorn IHUB channel dedicated to the Tri-fold:


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