2022 Popcorn Information

Sunday, August 7th- Show-N-Sell Orders due by 11:59 PM

The Longhorn Council is committed to helping your Scouts fund their adventures through the 2022 Popcorn Sale. Our team is available to assist if you have any question before, during, or after the sale. If there is anything we can do to make your sale more successful, please let us know.

Click Here to Register Your Scouting Unit for the Sale


Longhorn Council Popcorn Sale Overview– A five page overview of the 2022 Popcorn sale
Trail’s End Kernel Guidebook– Learn how to navigate the technology provided by Trail’s End. This includes how to place an order, manage your sale, and navigate the app.
Kick Off Presentation– Slides from the July 30th Popcorn Kick Off Events
Longhorn Council Popcorn Facebook Group– Join our Facebook group to connect with other Kernels, ask questions, discuss best practices, and find units for Popcorn transfers.
Take-Order Form– Printed copies of the Popcorn Take-Order form are available for all units. Please contact your District Kernel and District Scouting Professional to arrange pick-up.
2022 Longhorn Council Storefront List– A list of storefronts that are available to reserve using the Trails End Leader Portal as well as stores that have asked for units not to contact them and stores that are available for units to contact directly.

Popcorn Calendar

Sunday, August 7th- Show-N-Sell Orders due by 11:59 PM
August 25th, 26th, 27th- Show-N-Sell Distribution
August 28th-October 2nd- Weekly Replenishment Orders Due by 11:59PM (each Sunday)
September 2nd-October 7th- Weekly Popcorn Replenishment Pick-Up (Fridays)
October 7th & 8th- Popcorn Returns (Up to 8% of total value of  original order placed before 8/7 at 11:59M)
Sunday, October 16th- Take Orders due by 11:59 PM
November 4th & 5th- Take Order Distribution
Monday, November 14th- Popcorn Payment Due (Prizes when account is zero)

Storefront Sales Information

Trails End has negotiated a number of Storefront sales on behalf of Longhorn Council units. These storefronts can be reserved using the Trails End Unit Leader Portal. Please refer to the list below to see which Storefronts are available in the system. Units are encouraged to build relationship and schedule times with other  Storefronts in their community that are not included on our list. The list includes stores that are in the Trail End system, stores that cn be contacted by the units, and stores that have asked not to be contacted by units.  Storefront booking will be rolled out from August 1st-5th. Units will be contacted directly by Trails End when storefront scheduling is available to them. All units will have unlimited Storefront reservations beginning  August 5th.
2022 Longhorn Council Storefront List 

Kernel Journals

Issue #1: July 31, 2022

Longhorn Council Popcorn Contacts:

Joe Macy, Longhorn Council Popcorn Kernel
[email protected]
(940) 293-7513

Bryant Butler, Director of Annual Giving
(817) 231-8516
[email protected]

Kathy McLean, Popcorn Administrator & Finance
(817) 231-8561
[email protected]

Every District has a team of volunteers and a member of the Longhorn Council’s professional staff that is available to help your unit succeed. If you have any questions, your District Kernel is a great first resource.

District Kernels

Arrowhead Gene Thomas [email protected] 817-528-0441
Brazos Valley

Heather Westbrook [email protected] 817-915-7007
Christine Vollmer (Co-Kernel) [email protected] 
Chisholm Trail Marcus Ogas [email protected] 254-899-5753
Frontier Trails Jeff Stewart [email protected] 214-354-1218
Heart of Texas Liz Mackey [email protected] 214-701-6614
Leon Valley Noel Harrison [email protected]  314-607-8805
Lone Star Ryan Thompson [email protected]  817- 231-8554
Orion Joe Macy [email protected] 940-293-7513
Mustang Andrea Raef [email protected]
Pathfinder Bill Parrill [email protected] 682-472-1290
Sante Fe Braeden Lewis [email protected] 817-659-0235
Trinity Trails Stacy Powers [email protected] 817-267-8619


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