2022 Popcorn Information Coming Soon

Information below is from the 2021 Popcorn Sale and is intended for reference only. It will be updated and replaced as details for the 2022 sale are announced. Please contact Bryant Butler if you have any questions.


2021 Popcorn Information (for reference only)

You can still register your unit to participate in the 2021 Popcorn Sale!

  1. Visit www.PRpopcorn.com
  2. Click My Account
  3. Select Create Unit Profile
  4. Enter Council Key: 662LONG
  5. Complete the Registration Process

Prize Order Form!

Please complete and submit a Prize Order Form to receive your unit’s prizes

Click to Download the Prize Form

Join our Longhorn Council Popcorn Facebook Group

Our popcorn-focused Facebook group is the place to interact with other leaders, share your successes stories, ask questions from experienced popcorn Kernels, and connect with other Scouting units if you need to transfer products.

Click to Join our Facebook Group

Unit-to-Unit Popcorn Transfers (Full Cases Only)

If two units are interested in transferring popcorn, it is important to properly track those transfers. Communicate all transfers to the Longhorn Council Using the Product Transfer Form, link below.

Click for the Popcorn Transfer Form

New Popcorn Tracking Spreadsheet

Are you still looking for that perfect method for tracking your Popcorn Inventory and individual sales by Scout? Check out our newest popcorn tracking spreadsheet. It may be exactly what you need.

Click to Download the Popcorn Tracking Spreadsheet

Check out our Kernel Journal for helpful information

Special Edition: October 27, 2021


Issue #6: October 8, 2021


Issue #5: October 1, 2021

Issue #4: August 30, 2021

Issue #3: August 13, 2021

Issue #2: August 3, 2021

Issue #1: July 26, 2021

Popcorn Resources

2021 Sales Guide

Popcorn FAQ

Show & Sell Location Sign-Up Page 

Show & Sell Best Practices

Popcorn Calendar

Popcorn iHUB Channel

Download Kick-Off Event Presentation

District Kernel Contact Information

2021 Product Line-up

LHC Popcorn Contact Information

Don’t forget, there are no returns on popcorn.
Plan accordingly when you place your order.
Replenishment orders can be placed from September 3rd-October 1st.

District Kernels

Arrowhead Esmeralda Hornyak 817-542-2614 [email protected]
Brazos Valley Christine Vollmer 817-565-4660 [email protected]
Chisholm Trail Stacy Brister 254-493-8100 [email protected]
Frontier Trails Mark D. Lange 940-435-3665 [email protected]
Heart of Texas Chasity Dubose 254-709-8559 [email protected]
Leon Valley Lauren Campbell 314-607-8805 [email protected]
Lone Star Kay Carroll 775-223-4801 [email protected]
Orion Joe Macy 940-293-7513 [email protected]
Mustang Karen Grantham 817-647-5984 [email protected]
Pathfinder Bill Parrill 682-472-1290 [email protected]
Sante Fe Angela Vu 807-729-9633 [email protected]
Trinity Trails Stacy Powers 817-267-8619 [email protected]

Popcorn Sales are an excellent way for the youth to earn their own way and pay for summer programs locally, out of state, and for high adventure.   In addition, operating this sales campaign is an excellent way for the youth to learn skills in goal setting, project management, sales communications, and self confidence.

Stay plugged in for any popcorn updates!  https://longhorn.ihubapp.org/c/popcorn/feed?postTypeId=whatsNew

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