LHC Popcorn 2020 is right around the corner.

We welcome our Council Popcorn Kernel, Dr. Lynne Cox, who will help lead the way with her team of LHC District Kernels.

The list of 2020 LHC District Kernels is complete and can be found here: >>  2020 LHC District Kernels << click to view

To stay contacted to your LHC Popcorn 2020 communication, please click here or the popcorn 2020 picture below:


*Congratulations and “thank you” to all who made the 2019 Longhorn Council Popcorn Sale a huge success!

Popcorn Sales are an excellent way for the youth to earn their own way and pay for summer programs locally, out of state, and for high adventure.   In addition, operating this sales campaign is an excellent way for the youth to learn skills in goal setting, project management, sales communications, and self confidence.

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