Family Friends of Scouting

2021 Family FOS details will be shared in the near future!

2020 Family FOS – Friends of Scouting Unit Campaigns

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Each scouting unit is asked to conduct a Family FOS campaign to explain the services of the Longhorn Council to parents and leaders and to encourage them to participate in supporting the costs of the annual operation.   Each Unit conducting and hitting their GOAL earns an incentive from the Council.  This information and description is explained in detail further down on this page under the heading UNIT INCENTIVES.

Proud to be an Eagle Scout –
 One Eagle Scout’s story.


The Longhorn Council is a United Way partner agency.

United Way Codes, Tarrant: 9009, Dallas: 401, All others are write-ins


NEW for 2020 is the option and opportunity to conduct the FOS campaign electronically.  Text-To-Give phone # 844-615-4269 and write LHCFOS (not case-sensitive) or use this QR Code to take you straight to the FFOS donation site.

The Longhorn Council provides each unit choosing this option with the linked website that is mobile compatible, to electronically conduct your units’ campaign.  Your unit can avoid having to fill out FFOS brochures by using this technology.


See the Unit Incentive Resource Sheet below.

Make a Family FOS Gift Now!


Several video stories provide useful information to you and the parents.  While many have some dated references, please over look that to see what story and message can be used.


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