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Longhorn Council Endowment Fund

We have a short time to live, so it is essential to do things that are worthwhile and to do them now.
– Lord Robert Baden-Powell

Please consider making a donation or giving a gift to the endowment trust fund managed by the Boy Scout Foundation of the Longhorn Council. Your donation or gift will help our Council in many ways to remain strong in making the complete Scouting program available to the young people in our area. Your contribution will be added to the corpus of the endowment trust fund and wisely invested by well-qualified people to produce the income used to maintain and update our Council camps, equipment, and facilities.
The corpus of the endowment fund is never spent. It always remains as the capital invested to produce interest income to meet the needs of the Longhorn Council.
There are several ways to make contributions to the Endowment fund.  Many have significant impact on your tax situation so discuss this with a tax advisor.  The Council may be able to help provide information on different products and avenues but cannot give investment advice.  The various means may broadly be described as: James E. West Fellowship (an outright gift for yourself or putting a Legends Award in for an honored colleague), Heritage Society (joining the local council society with a gift through the will, utilizing the National Council’s various gift levels of deferred gifting, or giving additional money to the local council through the James E. West Fellowship), Planned Giving for Estates (such as Charitable Remainder Trusts, Gift Annuities, Insurance or Land gifts, etc..), or a Legends Award (presented in honor of a Scouting volunteer of “legendary” stature within the district and funded by volunteers who know the selected individual).

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James E. West Fellowship

jamesDr. James E. West
The first Chief Scout Executive

Of the Boy Scouts of America

A great place to start is by giving to Scouting’s future by becoming a James E. West Fellow or sponsoring someone else. Everyone is invited to join. Membership expresses support for and belief in the Longhorn Council endowment effort.
Individuals who contribute $1,000 or more in cash or securities to the Longhorn Council endowment trust fund qualify for the James E. West Fellowship Award, a national recognition. This contribution is in addition to, and does not diminish or replace, the donor’s annual gift to the Council’s Friends of Scouting campaign.
In addition to individual James E. West Fellowships, organizations or individuals may contribute an award in honor of someone – an Eagle Scout, a Silver Beaver recipient, the Council President, a District Chairman, a business associate, a special Scouter, or in memory of a loved one.
Levels of recognition are $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and $15,000 and above.

James E. West Application
West Fellows

Heritage Society

For those who are looking for another excellent way to provide financial support for the Longhorn Council endowment, please give careful consideration to joining the Heritage Society. The purpose of the Heritage Society is to encourage, inform, educate and inspire individuals who believe in the Scouting program to make an outright or planned gift of at least $5,000 to the Longhorn Council endowment trust fund. A planned gift can be in the form of a codicil to your will, a charitable trust, life insurance, or any other deferred gift approved by the Longhorn Council. Also, the Heritage Society serves as a means to recognize and thank the members. Each year a special Heritage Society dinner is held to honor all members.
Those who are James E. West Fellows are welcome to join the Heritage Society for an additional outright or planned gift of at least $5,000.

Second Century Society

Another excellent way to provide financial support is to make an outright gift of $25,000 or more payable over five years, or a deferred gift of $100,000 or more, to a local council for operating, capital or endowment funds.  Donors making outright gifts of $100,000 or more are designated as “Members with Distinction”.  Donors making deferred gifts of $500,000 or more are designated as “Legacy Members”.  Members in these categories receive special recognition and opportunities provided by the BSA Foundation.

Second Century Society Application

Presidents Leadership Council

Gifts of $1,000,000 or more made to or through the BSA Foundation, payable over five years, as part of an advised fund, designated fund, trust, or other Foundation fund structure, may be designated to benefit the local council.

Presidents Leadership Council Information

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