Camp Cards

Camp Cards are discount cards sold during late February thru April.  The unit’s commission is 50% of the face value.

Camp Cards are an excellent way for the youth to earn their own way and pay for summer programs locally, out of state, and for high adventure.
In addition, operating this sales campaign is an excellent way for the youth to learn skills in goal setting, project management, sales communications, and self confidence.

3 different Camp Cards for 2019:

  • for Tarrant and Denton Counties,
  • for Waco , Temple, and Killeen communities,
  • for Weatherford area communities.

No Risk – return what is not sold on the specific Turn IN and Settlement Date.  Cards not turned in by the deadline will be billed to the unit.

Key Dates Prizes Unit Commitment and Order 2019 Leader’s Guide
  • Storefront Signup

    Sell Camp Cards in front of Albertsons, Tom Thumb, Lowes, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Trader’s Village and Bass Pro:

    The link (live on Monday, Feb. 18th at 7pm):

    The link will register your unit for a reserved shift to sell Camp Cards. Most shifts are for two hours.  Units have had great success scheduling one Scout and a parent for the shift.  The reported history is that for each hour worked can sell 10 to 15 cards.

    The registration site will open 7 pm on Monday the 18th.  We ask you to schedule following the rules below so that everyone has an opportunity.  After one week we’ll open the site up for any unit to finish scheduling available shifts.

    -Choose no more than 2 shifts per store, per weekend.  (there are over 2700 shifts so everyone will be able to make choices)

    -We will monitor the registrations as it comes in and will remove shifts once the limit is met

  • Product Review

    2019 Vendor List

    Sample Youth Sales Script


  • Key Dates

    Sales Event – February 21 to May 1st

    November 30th – Card Vendor Deadline
    February 15thUnit Commitment Deadline
    February 21st – Distribution – Pick Up: sites by district.
    Replenishment – At April Roundtables
    May 4th – Return and Pay. Commission: 50% by May 4; 40% after May 5; 20% June 1 and afterwards.

  • Prizes

  • Unit Commitment and Order

    Request Camp Cards

    Use the form in the Leaders’ Guide OR submit online form below.

    2019 Camp Card Leaders Guide LHC

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