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August 27, 2020, by Victor Rivera

Historic Cub Scout Recruiting Events Taking Place Across Central and North Texas

Scouting has helped prepare young people for life for over 110 years. The new normal that we all live in has challenged parents to find new ways to keep youth participating in extracurricular activities. As always, Scouts are prepared for whatever is thrown at them. Even 2020!

For the first time ever, Cub Scout enrollment welcomes BOTH BOYS AND GIRLS VIRTUALLY to the program. Cub Scouting helps to bring families together, making it easier for them to have all their children participate in the same character-building fun and adventure programs and doing all this in a virtual setting. Parents can learn more and join a unit in their area by visiting

Cub Scouts is designed as a family organization. Since 2018, both boys and girls from grades K – 5 are welcome to participate. Cub Scouting combines outdoor activities, sports, academics, and more in a fun and exciting program that helps families teach ideals such as honesty, good citizenship, and respect. In 2020, Cub Scout packs and troops across the Central and North Texas have adapted to be able to deliver the Scouting program safely to youth in their communities.

Virtual meetings are planned for those large group gatherings, and smaller group gatherings help facilitate those outdoor opportunities that Scouting is known for. In some instances, Packs and troops have adapted to have virtual campouts in every families own backyard. Scouts are still conducting patriotic service functions such as mask making, US Flag retirements, food bank donations, and more.   In addition, the Longhorn Council continues to offer socially distanced outdoor events with COVID-19 protocols in place.

In addition to your local Virtual Sign Up Events, if it’s tough to imagine how a Scouting program can happen in a virtual setting, the Longhorn Council invites you to participate in the National Family Fun Fest on Sept 12th. This very special online-only free event will be jam-packed with a sampling of the fun things Cub Scouts across the country do day in and day out. North Texas will be highlighted through this event with a national Pinewood Derby based out of Texas Motor Speedway. Sign up for the event today at:

Locally, Sign-up nights are being planned virtually and in person where local health guidelines permit. Be on the lookout through your school’s flier distribution system and social media for your local Packs upcoming recruitment event. Cub Scouting wants you! Now is the time to join the fun and excitement of America’s foremost youth program for boys and girls—Cub Scouting.

The Longhorn Council invites all families to attend one of their sign-up nights across North Texas to learn about the program, get their questions answered and register their sons and/or daughters for Cub Scouts. Parents can also visit to learn more about Scouting and its programs, the benefits and experience. By entering your zip code, you can find age-appropriate programs for your youth near you.  Share the positive experiences that are in store for your family by inviting neighbors to come along for the ride.


Yours in Scouting,


Victor Rivera | Director of Marketing and Communications

Boy Scouts of America Longhorn Council
850 Cannon Drive | P.O. Box 54190
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