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April 22, 2020, by Victor Rivera

Helpful LHC Scout uses birthday money to help local nurses

Scouting is going strong at Longhorn Council despite the fact that we have to “Scout At Home” at the moment.

Scouting families throughout the country and especially here at LHC live by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.  We want to highlight a Scout from LHC Troop 700 who has been more than helpful.

We have featured this helpful Scout before in our LHC “Keep Scouting Moving” updates.  He has just been featured on a local CBS 11 TV station and we want to share that as well.

Our LHC Development Director, James Johnson, also shared this young hero’s accomplishment in his weekly email to Longhorn Council families.

See more below.

To watch the news story please click the link from CBS:


James Johnson’s note to our LHC families and leaders:

I hope you and your family had a good weekend, whether you were together or had to connect from a distance. As before, there are many things to be thankful for and for which we have new appreciation. Things we used to take for granted. We don’t know when things will return to “normal” but it’s going to be epic. Families will be reunited, business will be booming, and the great work and mission of Scouting will continue as always.


As for Scouting now, our Scouts and families continue to take advantage of some great work-at-home projects, advancement challenges, resources for digital, online troop meetings, and virtual Merit Badges and Merit Badge Workshops for Scouts! To all of you who make and who have made this possible, thank you for your role in that success. 


This Troop 700B scout used his birthday money to buy a 3D printer 2 weeks ago and is now printing face mask adjusters for 2 local hospitals. This is the first batch headed to Parkland ICU nurses tomorrow. These will help keep nurses from getting blisters behind their ears from the face mask bands. Parkland alone needs 500 which will take nearly 2 weeks of around the clock printing. #scoutsarehelpful

Do not hesitate to reach out if you would like to have a conversation, or simply to let us know how you are. We stand ready to help you in any way we can. 

We’re all in this together.


James Johnson  |  Director of Development

Longhorn Council, Boy Scouts of America

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