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January 3, 2015, by Linda Presley

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

I am excited to ring in 2015, and with it, a new staffing model for Longhorn Council.  The new model is intended to allow our district executive staff to focus their main efforts on fewer areas, enabling them to become proficient in their assignment more quickly.  This, in turn, means that we should deliver better service and achieve better results throughout the Council.

Each of our four service areas are led by an experienced field director: Bryant Butler, Tracy Carroll, Vince Dorsey and David Rico.  Each service area has four professional Scouters assigned, who will work as a team in support of our Scouting volunteers.  Two of the four staff will lead our membership effort, focusing on organizing new units, school night and year-round recruitment of youth and adult leaders, marketing and retention strategies.  One will be dedicated to unit service, working with the district commissioner staffs of each of the four districts in the service area, helping Scout units to be successful, and working with district volunteers on the annual Camp Card Sale, Popcorn Sale, and Family Friends of Scouting campaign.  One will be responsible for working with district program volunteers, including the staging of quality district events/camporees, Cub Scout Day Camp, leader training, Youth Protection Training, and promotion of participation at Council and District weekend activities and summer camp attendance.

A special “thank you” to our Director of Field Service, Kevin Steffy, for taking on the challenge of moving our staff in this new direction.  Kevin has dedicated lots of energy preparing our volunteers and staff for our January 1 launch.

The district executive job position was created around 1930, and more and more areas of major responsibility have been added over time.  I believe this new manner of deploying our field staff is not only better for our employees, but it will improve our service to YOU.

Thank you for all you do to make our World a better place through your leadership and financial support of the Longhorn Council.

John Coyle, Scout Executive

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