Silver Beaver Award


2022 Silver Beaver Award

The Silver Beaver Award was introduced in 1931 and is the highest council level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. Recipients of this award are registered Scouters who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given at the council level.

Nominate a Scouter

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List of Previous Longhorn Council Silver Beaver Recipients 


To the person submitting the nomination:

Please read the following guidelines before completing the nomination form.

I.  Mandatory Requirements

  1. Be a registered volunteer Scouter within council territory.
  2. Be at least twenty-one years of age.
  3. Have rendered noteworthy service of exceptional character to youth.

It is recognized that the nature and value of noteworthy service to youth might take the form of a single plan of action that contributed to the lives of large numbers of youth or that the service might be given to a small group over an extended period of time.

II.  Desirable Requirements:

  1. Ten years of service to youth in Scouting.
  2. The candidate has some experience in service to youth outside of Scouting.
  3. The candidate’s service is outstanding or distinctive beyond the expectation of normal duty.
  4. The candidate has an exemplary record of service, reputation, and standing in the community.

Nomination Preparation Suggestions

  1. The nomination form should be completed in its entirety. Be thorough and accurate.  The committee considering your candidate must judge him solely by the nomination form you submit.
  2. You may call on others who know your candidate for help in gathering the facts. This includes talking to his family, BUT BY NO MEANS SHOULD THE CANDIDATE KNOW S/HE IS BEING CONSIDERED.  THIS AWARD SHOULD COME AS A COMPLETE SURPRISE TO THE RECIPIENT.
  3. Be sure to list the full name and titles (if any) of the nominee just as you want it to appear on the certificate. Please do not use abbreviations, initials, or nicknames.
  4. In fairness to everyone, all pertinent information regarding the candidate’s qualifications is to be included only on this nomination form. The committee will not consider additional documentation.

Click here for the Silver Beaver Nomination Form.




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